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Monday, September 03, 2007

I just checked out.
Riding the tides of change I guess.
I didn't think drinking would help, it's not that kind of break I needed.

I am ok. Zach's great. The good always progresses with him. I know sure the bad keeps coming in various forms and doses but so what! The good marches on too.

I signed my divorce papers. We discovered that our final divorced never went through so after all these years we finally settled it. It's a good thing. Also, I mailed off the papers and signed up for another round of free trial of eharmony. I wonder if the curse has lifted and I can actually enjoy a social life.

I had a talk with the nannie. I just told her I was changing her schedule and that I value her help but she has to be reliable and I can't live around her schedule. It's been out of control for too long. I switched her to one night a week. I'll be going to a movie or a coffe shop or taking a class. A date maybe?

It's been in the tripple digits here. It's insanely hot and Zach's been utterly confused by a little problem called umm sweaty bum! Poor kid didn't know what was happening! A quick shower and he recovered. Oh it was funny and I could not laugh.....

I'm getting back on my feet. I think things have to transition and I will always land on my feet. I think it's healthier for me to just go through this stuff and not be so detached all the time. I just felt it and went through it.

Thank you for your kind concern.