My New Earth work is actually on It's a text messaging book club. In case you came here from the Oprah website and were wondering where it all is. I'll bring my New Earth Work over here because, I guess this is where it's meant to be. Welcome to Jippyjabber! PS I am auntjippy on the Oprah message boards.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Movies and Morphine

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Distraction is the second best way to deal with pain. He got to download the imperors new groove from Itunes before we went to the hospital. He patterns on tech stuff. He has to watch Ic e Age on his Ipod and then maybe he can watch something else. Ice Age was the first movie he watched on the Ipod. Was I smart enough to be careful what movie he watched on the computer first? Depends on if you think Aristocats is a good one or not? Only kidding I picked long ones with music to help him sleep. Sometimes it works. Could it be the morphine? why chance it, pull out all the stops.

Drink so they can take out the IV !

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Was mommy a little pushy? Drink so they can take out your IV. I did think of it in advance and came prepared with his own personal Turtle Cup. I got the little turtle sippie cup at Starbucks. It is the best seal I've ever had on a sippy cup. It' s my favorite cup I've ever gotten for him. He isn't into styrofoam ( who is?) and it's hard to find a nurse every time you need to get a new cup. It's a cute turtle and boy stuff is harder to find than cute princess paraphernalia. I think he did drink a little more and sooner with a nice cup. I get some green points for the environment too. Also check out the piano body pillow in the back ground. My sister told me she got lots of looks as she walked to our room. You know a pro family when they don't have balloons or flowers but they have comfy pillows and fun sippy cups! Alright so there is some pink on the pillow, Zach said it's still cool and so it is......


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Friday, June 29, 2007


It's Friday and we made it home! OH his cheeks are are huge.... I'll post pics ASAP. He was pumped with sugar for three days and his kidney and liver were fine and he is still walking!

Just wanted to post that we made it home in three days!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

when he sleeps
I look through his face
my mind can not believe
a presence
it chokes my soul
I can't breathe or open my eyes
a beautiful truth comes
twined together
I defend his life
his suffering is ancient
and so is my love

Thanks so much for your concern. We go in 5:30 am and get upstairs right away for an IV and then in surgery by 7am. This lessons the chance of getting bumped by an emergency. Also it makes it easier on his body. He will have D10 ( sugar) and morphine). I am kind of jealous.....just kidding. He has a great team of doctors and I feel ready for this.

My sister Kathryn has been so helpful. She is such a comfort to Zach during these times. She has a gift and knows how to come in and make him feel cozy. My BFF LoLo will stop by I am sure. And then of course he beloved MS. Thea will be checking on the cat Mon Cheri. As well as us. It would be great to be home by Friday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



I can't imagine what it's like to wake up and have it be the day your book hits the bookstores.....

Do you know who this is? CLICK HERE

Monday, June 25, 2007

My butterfly

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He choose a book, Butterfly and Moth.
So we are chilling, waiting for his surgery.
the pain is intense. He had his pre-op appointment.
He got really nerveous and passed out.
So I am on operation relax the boy.
I am feeling ok and slightly positive about it.
They call tomorrow and tell us when the surgery is.
We still have to go in first thing in the morning to get on an IV
that will be good because his pain will be undercontrol
Sounds like a lot of waiting for mom.
I want to come home by Friday and I want him to walk as well as he can now.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

cousin came to visit

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Sister dropped off my nephew in the night..... he is supposed to stay a few days. I wanted to give him a pizza movie night for his birthday.
He's says he has a sore throat.... I called my sister.
she says oh he was sleeping with his mouth open it's just a dry throat.
he wakes up caughing and sneezing
I call my sister
someone will pick him up at 7pm..... tell him to stay outside.( what the hell?)
Zach can't have his surgery if he's sick. Zach can wind up in the hospital on IV's if he gets sick.
Zach doens't have an immune system that will fight this off.
My throat hurts.
My sister is going to die.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I liked it.
I wasn't angry over slipping in a "shut up mom " or a grown up joke.
I wasn't put off by the moral message.
Morgan Freeman wasn't in the film enough..... : ) A little more god please.
I wasn't put off by the political message
It was tame compated to what we already get.
There was a little nail biting for Zach but he wasn't too scared or anxious.
His first action flick....well the ending was moving!
The funny was funny but really funny to a little boy....... I had to love it..... Zach laughing!

We will have to go again.....

OK I don't know if I liked it that much but I was thrilled watching my kid watching a movie!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Zachary is followed by myself in CHLA Medical Genetics for an inborn error of mitochondrial energy metabolism. Clinical manifestations in Zachary include autism, cyclic vomiting, complex regional pain syndrome and rhabdomyolysis. Mitochondrial disorders decrease the ability to produce energy in adequate amounts, and typically involve those tissues with the highest energy demands. This letter discusses some precautions that are prudent to take when patients within this group of disorders undergo surgical procedures.

Patients with mitochondrial disease often are sensitive to fasting. Fortunately, the administration of IV D10 (with appropriate electrolytes) at least at a rate of maintenance has been associated with an absence of any fasting complications in patients with mitochondrial disease in my experience. The patient can be fasted overnight, with an IV placed and D10 administered starting in the early morning. The D10 containing IV fluid should be run throughout the pre-operative, operative, and post-operative phase until the child is able to adequately take enteral feedings. In the vast majority of cases, hospitalization for the night prior to or after surgery is not necessary.

The surgeon should be aware that cardiac, hepatic, endocrine, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction occasionally occurs in patients with mitochondrial disease. However, in my experience surgical procedures in patients with mitochondrial disease are safe if appropriate fasting precautions are taken. Because of the aforementioned hypothetical complications, it is prudent that surgical procedures be performed in a major medical center.

Based upon antedotal reports, there may be an increased probability of malignant hyperthermia when patients with mitochondrial disease undergo surgical procedures. However, this has not been my experience in a large number of patients with mitochondrial diseases that have undergone biopsy, as well as more intensive surgical procedures, including cardiac transplant, abdominal surgery, etc. Because of this hypothetical risk, appropriate precautions (Dantrolene) should be readily available.

First surgery he went into rabdo
second surgery he lost the use of his leg and foot
So here we go again..... the date is on June 27th
I am powerless ....... OK so come what may we'll deal with it.

Hospital Day

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Things have changed... we have so many appointments....
We got the call the surgery is next week.
I 've got several appointments prior to that
lots of things to do .......

here we go!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

three minutes people!

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I have no idea where he see this or why three minutes?? It must be all the" making of" on the tale end of the DVD's He has always loved the marker board. I don't know why. At least he is having fun and he's playing! I guess I better get him a camera!

Take three

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He's a little movie maker


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And the best director is Zachary

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Zach is a winner!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getto train

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You were wondering how I do it?
I pull from the front!
Mostly, I avoid this and plan accordingly but we ran out of his fav chips and I paid the price for it!

Zach is an excellent shopper!
6 bags or French onion Sun CHips
6 bags of Funions
8 bags of gummie Lifesavers
4 boxes of red vines
1 case of sprite
1 case of diet coke plus for mommy ( thanks Zach)
1 bag of cheetos for the nanny or any cousin stopping by.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Saved by the book! This is the first photo in a series, three waiting rooms and one very very very good book. This doc was over an hour late. He's lucky I had a good book ( a very very very good book) to read or I would have been fuming mad..... He has done this before... I set my next appointment for a little later in the moring, so next time he'll be able to wake up! Ok check out the book.....a link to a little moie trailer is below the next picture , it's in red.... Ok here is my three waiting rooms and one good book post.

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watch a trailer at Bobbie Faye

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OK blogging is strange..... at least five bloggers I know, know the author of this book. Talk about a friend of friends... Lets see, Max, Pooks, Kitty, Brett, Rob..... Those are some quality votes for a book... so of course I put it on my list at Amazon......even though I am limiting my Amazon activity this one I am reading for pleasure. And It's like my addiction for Poker After Dark...(.I can't play the game but) the characters are awesome!

I am using Ms. Thea as model in this series I call three waiting rooms and one very very very good book.

Monday, June 18, 2007

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He can walk so much better and for longer periods at a time with a brace on his foot.
I found out I can have some extensions made on the straps of his shoes.
Just a visit to a quality shoe repair will save me the cost of buying two different sizes of shoes. This gets hot in the summer so finding high quality sandals was a priority.
I got some Hush puppies sandals in a wide shoe store. On sale for about $80.00. How much have I spent /wasted on trial and error, looking for something that will work out that he is willing to wear?
Lets say I could probably pay rent with the last years shoe budget.
Ps that's the beautiful and helpful nanny in the back .... she just wrote a paper on Zach.... I hope she lets me post it. : )

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He's grown so much this is our second brace.
I didn't know Complex Regional Pain Syndrome could last this long.
It's been a year and a half.

Now Showing

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I am haven't seen...... Is it good?

George Clooney

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Hollywood Royalty

BP Brad Pitt

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I kept saying I saw Jesus in this picture but honestly it looks like someone else ...... the left foot is the face....... Do you see it?

Jerry Weintraub

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Ultimate power

Matt Damon

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June 5th 2007 it's still looks wet

Sunday, June 17, 2007


FOR ZACHARY I WOULD...........Zachary, I will be everything I can be for you baby

I would become a man
to father you
more than any mother ever has
I will father you
in the park
I will father you
at the zoo
I will father you
in the shadows
ward off nightmares
kill bugs
teach you to shave
I will father you
as deeply into your wounds as I can
to slay dragons there
my arms are stronger than a sailors
when they are around you
I father you
I love you

Friday, June 15, 2007

Go ask Alice

Go ask Alice
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I have been freaking out but yeah..... I still get proactive and low and behold..... GOOD NEWS!

I got a surgery date of July 5th! With a plastic surgeon to work on Zach's mouth....removing wisdom teeth and hopefully placing an incisor into the right spot or pulling it..... this is the man who can save his tooth!

I went to the hosp. Got a new brace for his a new perscription to increase his pain meds....stopped in to make them face me...... I looked the surgery scheduler right in the eye and said I had to come to increase his pain meds. Ok so there are seven pts. waiting for an opening. An opening came up today..... was she going to call me? NO! But face to face what can she do???
Listen, if someone said, this kid is more medically urgent than your kid...... I would wait.....It's just that competitive in to get good healthcare. I fought for it and I won. July 5th is in three weeks. I am ready and then we will recover and damn it .......this should be the last of teething issues!! ( I've said that for about four years now) This time I really mean it. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I can be such a mess and yet still do the right thing for Zach.... I just get so intense sometimes.... For lack of a better word..... I feel like saying a prayer....sending some those seven other suffering kids waiting for their surgery..... Some mom's just can't call everyday and then show up when they feel tugged in that direction. But damn I am in tune! Rockstar mom! I took zach and the nanny and myself out for frozen yogurt on the way home! I did it...


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This cracks me up but it also explains my day.....First I play saint and go to the hospital. We pick up a new brace for his leg. We pick up a new perscription because we are uping his dose. Then I have to take care of business. Zachary's TV broke and do did the lamp in his room.
My goodness defective or what? Over use still a lamp and a tv from the movie CARs should still be working. You know he uses movies to help him deal with pain. He watches animal planet waiting for the meds to kick in.
I wish I had the name of the arrtist that painted this photo ....I am going to come back and post the name.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I know what I have to do

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zachary is living dose to dose. Our main doctor is leaving.
I am forsee checking into the ER until they admit him and make the surgery happen.

He's bigger, he's suffering, I am scared for both of us.

I have one other choice try to get a waiting list at another hosp.
I am afraid the INS issue might get out of my control and get the authorizations happens.

I have a new medication to start. I hate this process.
I think it's bad timing to do this. He's suffering and I won't be able to get a good read of this ....... It should work and it's very very expensive.! $4oo.oo...... it isn't covered automatically, I had to fight for it. I have to be careful because six perscriptions are covered and the rest I pay for...... I have to fill the expensive ones and pay for the cheaper ones myself.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hug a whale

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He is getting so big!
Zach was going over his car colection from the movies cars.
I guess he leaned over to hug his whale and fell asleep.
Every now and then a sleeping child does wonders for your soul.
Hey, doesn't a nap sound soo good?

Monday, June 11, 2007

So mom gets a chance to read The Cleaner by Brett Battles

So mom gets a chance to read The Cleaner by Brett Battles
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To help put me out of my misery, Brett decided to send me an ARC (advance reading copy) of his book The Cleaner! Aw how sweet!

If you go to his website by 6pm tonight Mon. ( whatever day it is today....OMG) Leave the name of your all time favorite book and you are entered into the contest to win an ARC of The Cleaner!

Today's Contest! 4 ARC of The Cleaner

In order to get a chance to read a good bit of it ( which you'll be burning to do) I took Zach to the South Pasadena Library. We have never been in that library. It's a tree that has playdates with all the local toddlers, teens sit to text, artist come to sketch and moms come to breathe and read.

Thank you Brett! Jonathan Quinn is one very intriguing man ( and ladies trust me you'll like him!) You want to rip through the book but then, you want him to be your friend just a little while longer.

If you think in pictures and like a book that will let your mind roll film in your inner theatre, You'll love the way Brett writes!!! I love it!

Westside of the Library

Westside of the Library
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I have never been inside the South Pasadena Library.
They have a coffee shop across the street though and that makes it a good day for both of us.

favorite pastime

favorite pastime
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picking up sticks

picking up sticks
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He was three when he first played on these roots

He was three when he first played on these roots
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oh the Disney studio Fountain is heaven

Oh the Disney studio Fountain is heaven
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What is better than the Disney Store? A Disney Store with Cherries!
I am so glad we are having some fun again! It's living dose to dose until the surgery but this is just minutes from the hospital. I can plan it out and make it work.....usually.....: )

Life is a bowl of cherries

Life is a bowl of cherries
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Zachary gets VIP treatment, a bowl full of cherries. Then we finally found Sarge the car from the movie Cars! YAY!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

OK, mom can we go upstairs now?

OK, mom can we go upstairs now?
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Sometime in May ( after I got overwhelmed but before I started drinking) Rob had a contest..... Take a pitcure of yourself with his book. This is my attempt to pick up where I left off. Doesn't Zach looked thrilled?

He wrote the book

Rob and his buddy Brett made a Pod cast about their shared love, no, not about me, about writing, reading, story telling, well, it's about Character.

I begged for more

Vroman's bookstore completely rocks!

Vroman's bookstore completely rocks!
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I had wanted to buy Rob's book at a Mystery Book Shop. I had never been in that shop and it was a good reason to go. I finally made it to the Mystery Book Shop. A man vaguely reminded me of the Captian from Giigan's Island was helping ....I have to say it....The little old Lady from Pasadena.... I wanted to hug him watching how sweet he was to her.....then I wanted to kill him because they only carry out of print Mystery Books...... Holy Crap I better get to Vroman's! I got the last copy on the shelve but bonus it was a signed by the author!
PS Rob was a doctor in a past life... No actually, it looks a bit like Brad Pitt's cement autograph..... A combo of those two...

Last one on the shelf.....

Last one on the shelf.....
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You might know Robert Gregory Browne as my "blog crush" ( imagine link to blog crush post) Of course I ordered his book from Amazon the first week it was released.......after some drama at my local Borders.
Why didn't I read Rob's book? This is getto Jippy stuff here....I used his book as payment for my nephews friend who came to my place and did some work on some bookshelves that are taken over by zach's toys.
I had a bag of books for his mom and sister and he kept eyeing Rob's book and making comments like, " I like to read too" So let him have it, I could not hold back after he played cars with Zach and told Zach, hey! you have to put the car 'Ramone 'in front because that's my name too.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spider City

Spider City
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Zach and Thea caught in the web


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HOLLYWEB only at the LA Zoo!

We made it!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A miracle just in time

I am starting to get into the idea of change.
The panic and fear all went away with the hangover.
I am really proud of myself for being honest about my feelings.
Before I just died inside
Just prayed to a god I was furious at and laughed like a crazy person at the irony

I have a strange and powerful optimism
it just shows up and I think bright good thoughts and forget the bad quickly
with no proof I believe things will shake up and land in a better place.......hmmmmm

Zachary is really gettting very verbal lately
he's quoting commercials and he is taking those words into the world and other conversations
I am floored by this.........
I always wanted to talk with Zachary........
He has been helping me pick out shirts for him.
Now I can ask him do you want to wear the shirt with the tree on it or the sword shirt.
What timing for a miracle

Monday, June 04, 2007

I am ok
we will be fine
I am going to post pictures soon
Don't worry
my strength will return
i'll do one thing at a time until then.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I never wanted you to know I could be this weak.

I just am nothing

I wait for some strength to show up

from I don't know where.

I am so powerless

I suppose that's obvious

I am terrified of his pain sometimes

I make desicions based in fear

I cried so much

I never wanted you to know I cried

I wait, I am always waiting

this day is my life

I try to convince myself

so I use love it covers the waiting

but never his pain

Friday, June 01, 2007

I have heard that the deifinition of insanity is trying to do the same thing the same way over and over again........ Well, I am insane......... I am actually going to attempt the zoo again this morning....

We will have our day at the Zoo!

I am still reeling but maybe the zoo will snap me out of it.

although, I am destroyed over it .....I have made several phone calls and emails.

I mean if a bunch of pts are getting cut off they are will be trying to get on the same wating lists as Zach and well it's sad to be competitive here but I want on that list ASAP and on top. I just need help. You know it's because Zach changes from day to day and sometimes hour to hour. I have to be proactive.