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Monday, November 05, 2007

Wasn't he so cute!

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I just felt like posting this. I want to show how much he's grown.
When I compare this coyboy photo to the most recent one, I can't help feeling relieved. He's so much more verbal now and damn it makes things easier. I had to take photos of him in many costumes so he could choose whic one he wanted. It was so much work but worth it so he could be happy I've spent so much money on the wrong thing and then braving the storm of Z until we figure out that we have to go get "the other one"

I also rememeber how bitchy and dismissive a "mother" was when she asked me where this photo was taken. That woman is still a bitch to me and I believe she is proud of it. I got the last laugh, her kid isn't as happy as mine.

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