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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Zach's favorite things

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THis is Art at it's finest. I think so's truly life inspired. Zachary does this all the time. EVERYWHERE! One day I gave him a canvas and he did his thing with straw and stir sticks. He went out with his nanny for a walk and I attacked it with glue. He came home to find this on the wall in his bedroom. Of course I made some mistakes glueing and it didn't go unnoticed, however, Zach was still able to appriciate the effort and enjoy his master piece.

I've had less of these all over the place but he still has to have some handy. STICKS from outside are his true love but he settle for straws and stir sticks in the house. It's a great way to get him to agree to go to Sarbucks with mommy. OH and hats off to starbucks never giving me a hard time for the handfuls and handfuls or stirr sticks my son takes from there!

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