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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I am just hanging on..... I am trying to get myself together.
I haven't been up on comments.
I am so sorry.

I think I am little post traumatic.
I know I am
I am also learning that I have the same faulty mitochondria as my son. ..... time to face that head on.

when I get back up to speed you'll know it.

Blogging is hard when you usually isolate when you are low on energy. I used to think I was depressed but I am always so optomistic and that's a now I know I am not depressed I am just tired.

I think with all the information I have I can get over this faster than ever before.


Christina said...

awww...hang in there J! You're a very strong person and you'll get thru this just fine.

as for work today we had a health fair...and apparently it was too much for me to handle, so by the time I got home...I was crashing and rolling on the floor to shake it off.

Miriam said...

Thinking of you!!!

Can you force yourself to nap for a couple days on the nanny's time? Feel better!