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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Out of LA

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I love Los Angeles but I'd like to hit the road and get out of LA for a while. I might make a night trip to the beach. I am starting to realize how much Zach's Photophobia affects my life. I think we will start doing more at night and see if he can tolerate some living. We get stuck in the getto appartment and it's a spiritual death to me. I might go to see Bourne by myself. I have to force myself to get out and not let Zach's illness take me down too. I have been down and tired. One good thing ....I am too tired to worry about anything right now. LOL


Amy W said...

If only I lived closer...

Christina said...

heck yeah...i'm with Amy W. Not only is it so beautiful and constanly warm and sunny there...but I'd go see Bourne with ya Jen!