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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am going to try the Zoo again today. My last attempt was a nightmare well nightmarish....... ( it can always be worse)

I need this surgery to come and go. He's living dose by dose and his diet is what ever won't hurt him to eat.

Now for some GOOD NEWS

Twice I have caught Zach reading. I was in the kitchen and I was going to make my famous boil chicken ( all I can do in the kitchen is boil water and drop in what I want to cook) So, I have a frozen bag of chiken breasts. I don't touch raw meat I don't know why......... it's yucky.

Zachary's says " Foster Farms" Then he talks a few lines from the commercial. ( a little branding logo reconginiton but that's great too)

Zach was asking for Animal Planet and I saw the TiVo I clicked to see what it was..... ( 24, love that show)
Zachary says, " not FOX" OK I am thinking a little animal becasue he wants animal planet and he can't always read a word other than where he learned the word. He knows Fox on Sox....... but he recognised the words F... O......X.....

I said, Zach you are reading! He says, NO I am Not! yes, you are! NO I AM NOT! OK

So the next time he read something I gave him some straws to play with and said that's for nice reading..... He said oh good reading....thank you. ( lets save the bit about the straws for later)


Joy said...

Zach, the boy wonder....

Fox is the bestest word!

LoLo said...

This is awesome news! Our little reader!! Of course I shouldn't say "little" because this is BIG! And he's not really little anymore either! But oh, I'm just so excited for you. I know you've been working so hard with him on reading. He's a genius! Fox and Foster Farms! And who knows how many more words he knows but you haven't caught him reading... straws may reveal more words:)

Amy W said...


And good luck at the zoo...too bad you aren't here in NC, Animal Planet has a expo here this weekend...

Michele_3 said...

Wonderful NEWS!
Glad you got a little smile(pure sunshine) on your face from your son reading!!
Hoping the zoo goes well!!!