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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Zach was fitted for a new brace. I am so glad because I cast is not going to work.
We have to do weight bearing excercises. This is kind of good for me becaue I 've been dieting and just getting a work out started. We'll do it together now. Also, he will be able to swim this summer.

I think they will go ahead and take out his wisdom teeth on this next mouth surgery. This would make it necessary for us to stay a few days in the hospital but it will be the end of tooth extractions and teething issues. I am glad to know this is in the works. Something will be over with. OH what a feeling!

So we've got so many tests out at the labs. Hoping to get some answers in a couple of weeks.

It was crueling at the hospital and yet I think it saved our summer by having all the docs weigh in on this leg issue. It's just not ok to imobilize him. Poor kid can not escape the pain.

He's cute, he is learning that mom can be "just joking" It is very sweet to see the wheels turning in his head and see him come back and tell me, " Are you joking?"


LoLo said...

Yea! I am soooo glad. That will help a lot this summer. Go Zach!

Amy W said...

Great news on the swimming/leg cast/get teeth out fronts!

Michele_3 said...

You sound like you some great DR'S over there helping you..
I'm glad Zach will get to swim-YEAH!!
How wonderful to know he won't be having the teeth pain much longer, good for you too!!
Take Care!!