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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thursday, I have to talk to the doctor about Zachary's penis.

I have emailed him reagarding this matter and I tell you, it's not something I want to talk about in person.

I tried to email the doctor to avoid talking to him about it. Today I got his response email.

"lets talk about this on Thurs during your follow up visit"

Help me!

Hello, doctor my son is just entering puberty. He doens' t want my help in the bath tub anymore. I am not sure if he is taking proper care of his penis. At this point I should be on the floor rolled over trying not to piss myself.

When my ex and I were at the hospital because of false labor which by the way was worse than my real labor. We happened to be next to a baby that had a botched circumcision. So they had to "CUT MORE OFF" The screams still haunt me and at that moment my ex and I delcared no way were we letting the military butchers cut off the end of our son's penis.

I didn't know I would be a single mother and I didn't know my son would be autistic and now he is a , hey don't touch me kind of kid. Now, I have to talk to doctors about a penis and circumcision. I don't have that kind of maturity.

Zach will look at me mortified and I will fall apart in laughter.

My grandfather warned me that the day would come where I payed for this. After Thursday I might have to call him up and tell him he was right! I hope not though.


Bacchus said...

We had to ask our Dr. about how to care for an uncircumcised penis. Two grown men who had no idea how to do this. To make matters worse it was a female Dr.

I hope this works out for Zachary, and for you. It gets easier to talk about time.

Jippy said...

I am glad I am not the only parent that has to do this..... when I look on the internet I find weird articles like "where is my foreskin" It's not funny but I laugh.......

Rice said...

I just followed Lolo over here. Your blog is really great. I am so proud of you and Zach. I am a single mom and I know it is so damn hard. I can't imagine it with a special needs child. At times, you must get really overwhelmed because I do and I have a lot of help. It sucks.
Keep on DOING it! You sound like a great person, mom, friend, sister...etc