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Monday, May 14, 2007

I hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!

We started out going for our traditional movie marathon and ended up with the traditional Nap.
He is going teen ager on me and that means better movies! But less room on the couch.
We had some fun and I hope you all did too.

I have three days until my next doctors apointment! What am I going to do? Laundry! Also I hope to finish with this closet and book purging I started.

Why do I make a bigger mess when my intention is to clean? I still have too many things. I am trying to get rid of all nic nacks...... this is insane. I don't mind book ends or picture frames a few candle sticks but the rest...... what is the point?

Of course I have to start thinking about who gave it to me and then I know I am in trouble.

It's a huge mess here. I know I will be glad that I took the time to sort and donate instead of just throwing things out. This is better for the environment. Good for the janitors kids who have nothing and some of Zach's stuff is brand new.

I used to buy things out of desperate hope that it would help him or work for us. Hell, I used to buy stuff just to get him to leave the store with me. Only for him to never touch it agian. Oh I am glad to say goodbye to the those times and stuff that came with it.

Lets face it. I am making room for my future. A bigger kid, with bigger toys and bigger fits.

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Michele_3 said...

We go through that now- Buying things to get Monkey M out of the store- not as bad as it use to be though!!
I have given a lot of things away just like you are because he never really played with them more just obsessed on them for a bit..

Thanks for your comment,Happy belated Mother's Day to you too!!