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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zach's foot bone
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These are Zachary's X Rays.
I was across the hall but could not resist snalling a photo and hoping you can tell it's a foot! We are off to the hospital today and we should have some blood test results in. Answers or more questions but at least things are dieng done and we are going forward.

The doc can blow up the zxray and really take a close look at the bones. It was kind of cool. I am not sure how much radiation I was exposed to that week. He also had mouth X rays taken as well as multiple X rays of his foot.

Thank you my best blog friends for your kindness. I actually think of you while I am waiting around there....obvisioulsy or I would not have wipped out my camera for such a thrilling shot of Zach's bones!


Jippy said...

OMG I got no sleep ......even for me this is too many typos! I will fix them when I get home but damn I am tired and I haven't even really got things moving.

Christina said...

i had my mouth xrayed on monday by the oral surgeon. then i was reclusive for 3 and 1/2 days. this is the longest that I've been awake for--6hrs straight!