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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat! I have a date with super man tonight. Z is up and imitating Frozone, " Where's my Super suit?" Ha ha this is so much fun. So far I have him feeding the cat. Stocking the fridge with water bottles. He is so willing to cooperate. I suppose it happens a few times a year and this is one of them. If I had a lawn he'd be mowing it. Next up is brushing and flossing. Before the candy you say...........why yes, because we can and because he will. We have those little animal floss picks. We are off to a Halloween Party and then a little Trick or Treating and mostly passing out Candy at cousins house.

I am not going to worry about anything tonight. I am just going to watch the kids have fun. I have already decided that it's a cash only Christmas. Seems like the nanny and Z use the credit cards more than I do. That is why I have them, in case of emergency. LOL Also, I am taking a vacation. Sort of a vacation. My friend, bought a house on the Oregon coast. Or near the cost, I know he has a stream or what I used to call a crick on the property. I am still waiting for the link to Google Earth. I am hoping it's a whale watching situation. Z would love that.! He said I could go up and get some writting done if I wanted. NIce. I have been helping him buy furniture online. He sent me pics of the place and pics of things he's looking at. Isn't the internet cool! I asked him if his girlfriend had really bad taste?? He said, he didn't want her to have it all her way. I can't stop laughing........

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