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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We talked we laughed he left the room.

I look at "the Nanny" and predict the futre.

The nice ones are scary. They leave the room all smiles and friendly and they come back and show you their power by ruining your world.


He comes in and tells me he is taking Zach off of this and this and putting him on low doses of we tried that and we tried that twice already.

JIppy falls into a slump and fights off nausea. Jippy falls apart, starts sweating and can't breathe. Finally,

Are you going to admit him for that?

Doctor nice flinches,

why? DO you think he'll need that?

Yes,of course. He fractured my arm and broke my windshield twice when he was 80 pounds. He's 130 now.
We can't do it. YOU ARE SCARING ME DR. NICE.

Well, for autism this is whats best....

AUTISM! I don't care about autism. On a day without pain and he's just a boy with autism, we are happy, those are the good days. I am not here because of autism.

What I care about is keeping Zachary living at home with me.

We want him on the anit inflamatory diet. Fruits, Vegies and seafood.

He has cylic vomiting syndrome, he'll throw up if I try to feed him that.

Try putting a small slice of paypaya on top of his apple slices.

Oh that sounds like that will work, I'll try it. ( this dude has no kids)

No white flour and no white sugar. ( wait! mitchocondrial myopothy without sugar??? )

Why don't we just slit my wrists, I am gonna die.

We will go slow, I am more flexible than you think.

Email, the researcher in a week, for your next appointment in four weeks.

No perscriptions written and a goodbye I don't remember.

I call old doc, still in town and leave message I need perscriptions.

He doesn't know I saw doctor nice.

Should I have him call doctor nice or should I jus tmake sure I get the meds?

Am I am breaking in a new doctor or am I am the end of the line?

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Miriam said...

I never thought about that nice=scary thing, but it does seem true. Great doctors are like great musicians- their personalities tend to be given quirks and twisted around a bit by their dedication to becoming brilliant.

I hope this guy will turn out to be brilliant- that you're breaking him in, if that's what you need. Disappointment bites.