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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mom can I borrow your shades?

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He rocked out to the concert. His favorite part is when the helicopter took off from the roof of the hospital. I know they have gone as far as Hawaii to fetch a patient.

We have to have some good memories there or he'd never go back.
Right now he's afraid to leave the house in case we are heading that way. He also won't let momma out of his sight. ( oh well, one day I'll be begging him to come and sit by me)


Christina said...

Lookin good in those shades Zach!

Gosh, tomorrow night I'm gonna be in Vegas. It's unreal. I'm going out now and buyin lotsa gum!

Amy W said...

He does look good in shades!

Yes, one day you will be sad when he wants you out of his sight.