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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Zachary is really having fun being " talked to " "told stories" via a blog post at The Show Must Go On, Kitty, AKA, cinemagypsy posted a picture of a castle. A special request for Zach. For Prince Zach Then the stories began. You should go add to it. OR pass on any myths or castle culture that you may know. Zach is home and healing well physically.......For some reason, he's been so bored and unwilling to leave his room. You won't know how cool it was to see him get so cheered up for Kitty's blog.
Zachary really is into his job as Prince Zach. Trust me, he's even called me Queen of the Night when he's super irritated with me..... ( of course it makes me laugh! ) Thank you so much Kitty and all your friends who contributed! Esp. Spanky's photo.

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