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Thursday, July 12, 2007


No, we don't but Zach thinks, the reason his favorite snacks are missing is because we don't have money.
Ok, try to teach an autistic child that you need to go to the money store AKA bank before you do anything else or your little world will come tubbling down.

With online banking and bill pay things are easier but when he was younger all those conviences were just getting started. ( damn that makes me sound ancient!)

It was hard to have to physically go everywhere but it forced me as a single mother to take him out into the world. I know a girl who was twelve before she was ever in a grocery store. This stuff happens.

Zach is figuring out.......mommy has put him back on "the diet" The wheat free gluten free no casin, no dairy AKA "the autism diet"
He had to change what he was eating because of his mouth so I thought, lets really change and give biemedical intervention another try.

I have done the diet before before it's hard. It sucks, it wasn't a cure for us. It made some things worse. It has hard won benefits. Those benefits sometimes are worth it all. I have always kept him on the diet at least 80%. Until recently, we fell from that. I blame the nanny! What it's always my fault so why not lay it on her! She does like the grilled cheese and the pizza. LOL

My main reason is to keep the good things he has been willing to eat in his diet. He is really hooked on the grilled cheese, chips and cheese its....... All while on a medication that makes you pack on the pounds, while in a wheel chair......... It's up to me to make sure he isn't carrying twenty five extra pounds while in therapy for foot drop!

He is going to hate me! He's mad and scared and he is already having trouble sleeping. I need him to leave with me before his follow up appointments and I have to drag him back to the hospital.

So here we go......

Do the diet and supplements........ Keep the good food. If he trys to kill us to have the bad food. or it's a birthday party HE IS GETTING THE PIECE OF PIZZA....... I don't care if some people think I am poisoning him and drugging him..... I will do what ever it takes to keep him living with me and that includes a chemical straight jacket......however, IT'S NOT AT ALL LIKE THAT !

SORRY for yelling but when the kid is on the diet mommy is too...... I am grouchy! It must be withdrawls...... Also it's three times more expensive than letting him have the cheese its..... ironically, the the bad food is cheap. IF he only knew. We need money for banannas!


Amy W said...

Good luck on the diet for both of you...

Joy said...

Good luck on the diet, both of you. It'll be another adjustment, yet again but I can't wait till you two cruise through it! Rooting for you!