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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh I am getting motivated like I always do.
I fully believe things are better and will be for a while.
It's just insane.
I can't stop myself.

I get a little break and I run for the finish line. Except the finish line has become the start line.

I want to start. I always do this. It makes the fall so much harder but I still do it.

Isn't his the very definetion of insanity? I think I do this by mere insanity. Now you know my secret.

I dream of a wonderful future. I make plans. I do things to make the plans seem very real.

I see Zach as fully up capable of being well and enjoying is part in my plans.

I swear that before my illusion is brought down again. I will at least visit the beach, watch a sun set, get some good wine to have on hand. I like a cold beer in the summer too.

I am an almond.

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Christina said...

I'm watching this movie, "I Am David", and the kid in the movie reminds me of Zach. I could easily imagine Zach in this kids role.