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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Zach has an appointment on Mon. with the NEW DOCTOR at UCLA.

The one I wasn't even offically on the waiting list for...

THe waitnig list that was six to nine months long with two hundred more patients being added. YEAH!


I had three, yes, three minutes to spare! I was there with the medical records at 4:27 on a Friday, called from the parking lot to regisiter the appointent for Mon.....This Mon!!!!

I got him in!

So here is a recap of how it all went down.....

I figured someone had plans this summer and would cancel an appointment. So I routinely called to check on the status of the list.

Zach has a file and a hospital number ( from an emergency room visit.) Some faxes ( the ones I sent) have come in but not his complete medical records.

You can't get an appointment with out a complete medical history.

I told them about Zach's situation.

There may be a chance kind of soon. ( When someone says this's inside info and they are reaching out to you....)

I will get the records to you. When is the opening.

There is one on the 23rd but............ There is one on Mon. at one.

This Mon?


Can you schedule the 23rd for me?

Not without the records. (she hesitates)

I am picking up on, should shoot for Mon?

I'd hate for you to have to go to all the trouble, but if you can get the records here it's best.

I will be there today with the records.

Good luck she says.

So, I called medical records dept. At Children's. They were just sent out on Mon. If they don't have them I'll make a copy and you can take it over.

Please call me when you are finished with the copy I will come and get it.

You never called me.

I found out I can't make you a copy.

I need them today there is an opening.

You'll have to pay.

How much and how long will it take.

Depends on how many pages one hundred fifty to two hundred dollars. but I have to wait longer to see if they recieve the copies we sent. Then I can put in a request to get a copy for you.

This is not what you told me before can I talk with your boss please?

She isn't here, I'll give her a message.

I call the boss, leave message.

I call the boss. Explain the situation and she tells me the crap the other lady told me ( obviously on her instruction)

I explain with some intesity that Zach needs to see this doc and if we don't get in on this appointment Mon. I'll be on a wait list for the next 6 to 9 months. She reply to me is ............. ARE YOU DONE?

I wasn't even yelling or being rude.

I'll call the hopital for you, it's on your request form and she hangs up on me.

I am told by Hanna, at UCLA that Children's want to give the mail three more business days....into the following week, to see if the records arrive.

I am stewing..........

I requested for the records to be sent on over May 8th. I have a copy of the request. That was plenty of time to have it done. I was told it was 10 to 15 days from that day. They sent them last week, it's been plenty of time and they are not there.

Besides, this is not about medial records. This is about my son who needs to be under a doctors care. This is not about paper. This is a boy you can not be with out medical care. He changes daily.

I contact the mail stops at two buildings at UCLA . They did not receive the records. I inform supervisor at records department. She tells me how it's over and they are waiting until next week.

I page her boss. Twice with messages and urgency. I am on my way there.

I am talking to hopital administrator ahe puts me on hold and then conferencce calls me with the supervisor to explain to me what my message sounds like on my cell phone to prove to me that she did return my call.


Thank you for returning my call. Please help me make this happen. If my son doesn't see that doctor on mon you will be seeing an attorney.

We are making the copies for you now.

I am here, I will take them to the other hospital immediately.

We told them we wanted to wait.

I know you did. They called and told me.

They know I am here and going to try to make it to them by 4:30

You'll never make it on time on a Friday with at this time of day.

It's 2:55 ( they are probably right)

How long will it take them to copy the records?

half an hour

Ok, please do it now

We have decided to charge this off to the hospital and you won't have to pay.

Thank you. I am here. Goodbye.

En route to UCLA

I call Hanna, I have the records I am on my way, can I leave them somewhere if you are already gone?

You have to fill out a new pt package before your appointment

I've made one up for you and your son

I am on Wilshire

You are gonna make it

not if I have to park

I'll meet you outside the building take the turn around.

Thank you, I'll call you from Tiverton St.

Loving her right now!

I go the building where the clinic is and not their offices ( damn internet!)

I figure it out fast and it's only around the corner.

I call her, she meets me outside.

We hand off the packages mine is three hundred pieces of paper.

Hers is about 50!

She points out I need to call to register the appointment by five today.

I call there is no record of the appointment yet.

I explain to them that I am outside with someone from the department right now.

I'll call the office.

Shiela, will know I tell her.

Yes, that's right Shiela.

I go through the hospiatl number issue and insuracne questions.......

I am registered. I hang up

I look at Hanna and smile. I'll see you Mon.

Do you know how lucky you are? She's smilling at me.

I laughed and said, Yessss, I do.

Seriously, this never happens. It's really hard to get in here. You've got a great doctor ( the inside scoop revealed) You are really really lucky!

That's why I am here. That's why I was willing to try.

We were speechless and bonded in the fact that only our personal vantage poitns in life would allow us to see with perfect clarity that we were in the midst of a miracle.

I am in and I've already made a friend.

Zach will see the new doc while it is still possible to pick up the phone and call the old one.....

I am feeling pretty good right now.


Christina said...

sheesh...your impressive just to even remember this to type it all down for us. oh, I'm home from Vegas/San Diego!! i'm tired. luv y'all!

max said...

You are so brutally awesome.

Miriam said...

Soooo smart! What is WITH records dept's? I guess it's a rotten job, but still! "are you done"??? That is one unhappy, unloving person.

Yay!!! Here's to Monday!

Amy W said...


Let us know how the appointment goes!!