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Saturday, February 17, 2007

And then he started to sing....... I was really trying to find a way to get some joy inside this kid. He was watching a movie and I sang a couple words of the song and then he sang the entire rest of the song! It was really cute! I guess teenagers need music! I have to get him the soundtrack to the movie cars! I am sure and I would bet money on it. HE knows all of the songs. I just want to have more nice moments. A little song now and then can make us smile. I like to take him to the beach in the winter. He won't over heat. Maybe we should turn on the tunes and go catch a sunset. I am so glad he'll always be with me.
It' s a love that I never fear loosing. I have to think of the benefits of having this situation. When he's not in pain. He's the most wonderful person to be around.

The other day, he was going around the corner to his room and twisted his foot. His bad foot. I don't know what to do about that. I guess that explains yesterdays post. WHY? god WHY?


Caro said...

In response to yesterday's post. What I enjoy most about working with kids is that they are the best at being in the moment. Now this expression "being in the moment" is very much in vogue. You hear it everywhere. And I think the essence of its meaning tends to be diluted by our goal-obscessed culture. For me it is about embracing it all. The light and the darkness. I find that it is what kids do so well. They just drink it all in, surrender to the experience, let it do it's thing and release it... Adults tend to latch on, to be afraid. Our memories are long and play tricks on us. So the pain is there for Zach but could it be he doesn't give it the same meaning we do? That it is his life, as he knows and surrenders to it and that he knows, somehow, that there will be more beautiful magical moments, so be it. Could it be Zach is wise to something we are completely ignorant of. Since dicovering your son , I watch the "I am o.k" video everyday. And it reminds me to simply be. To simple live. That I wasn't put on this green earth to fufill a mission or to represent some ideal. All that is aked of me is to Be. I like to think that' s what he means." I am o.k Mom. Someday you'll understand." All this being said, I would never presume to downplay Zach's suffering. I am not the one who is journeying by his side so I don't know crap about his struggle. Just some- saturday- morning talking- out- of- my- butt philosophy... Have a good week Jippy.

Jippy said...

Caro, It takes a specail person to work with kids. "Surrender to the experience" It's not at all quitting or giving up. That is the amazing thing about Zach, he loves life so much and ignores his pain and makes plans, How can I get her to take me back to the zoo.
I like how you see zach. I am happy to hear you watch the I'm OK video. I thought it was a gift to me too because I thought I needed an answer right then and there. I hope I do understnad someday. I would like it to be in this lifetime.....LOL
PS You have a pretty smart butt : )

Amy W said...

I hope his foot is doing better. And yes, the soundtrack to Cars, I bet he would sing every song.