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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 ( cut and paste to watch the video)

I am not sure if you watch Primetime and saw how they were shocking children with self injurious behaviors??
"Aversive stimulation" shocking the skin of children with autism or other special needs.
Zachary was self - injurious and at times would have been considered aggressive if you didn't know him or understand how he was interpreting his environment.
It was horrible to see these kids getting shocked. They would never do this to animals. I just wish they knew to try to treat them for pain.
I am so lucky that zachary is getting helped my intelligent and compassionate doctors.
I hope that Zachary's story will be passed around to people who saw Primetime and think that they are so desperate and that they might have hope no mater how messed up it was.

This should not be done in a school by people who are not medically trained just a two weeks traiing and a high school diploma and you can work there. ( probably as an aide)

I know what it's like to watch your child bite their skin. Zachary has scars from biting. I looked like tires rolled over my arms.
I rolled up in sheets and locked up in a closet turn padded cell. Never once did it seem reasonable to hurt him to punish him.

I am so sorry for their suffering. I hope to get my story out so people won't want to try shocking their kids to make them stop.

I am not saying my son is healed. I am not saying this is easy. I am not saying zach is ready to be independent. I am saying we are ok today. I am saying pain medication allows him to stop hurting himself.


Amy W said...

I saw a part of that, and I thought it was weird it was in a school as well. It made me sad.

Jess said...

Hey Jennifer I've missed a couple days....just caught up with reading and think I saw...did I see you feeling as if you had something to do with Zach's pain? I was reading quickly I hope I saw wrong!
Only cause....lady, no matter what thoughts your tired, overwhelmed mind may have at times about are something beyond amazing. I don't care what you did that one time! (how do I know?) lol...all us (well, decent) parents think what is wrong with our kids is our fault!OMG what pomp and arrogance not to realize they are unique, just like us. Parents do one thing for each of us that no one else could do... they gave us a shot at living right? and we have to build a bridge and get over it b/c that's all we got. Spoken from an abusive, abandoned past. I like to think if my mom could have come back after she died she would have been horrified and protected me....but I try to tell her it's ok, I made it, I'm still me.
Anyway, we happened to be on that channel when that show came on and I told Tina about how you are treating Zach, and I bet you would never let them do that, and then please change the channel, cause I have seen enough pain in my life already, that is how I know how brave, brave, brave and good you are, in the face of that for so long, and not to lose yourself. Take 2 "be good to yourselfs" with sleep and thats and order :)Jess

Jippy said...

Amy, I wrote to the Senator of Mass. who is fighting against it. Also to my Senator. I told them that I have a success story without using a skin shocking device. This is not the first time a doctor has tried to treat these kids like that. I have never been as grateful for my doctors as I am now. They are kind men.

I've missed a couple of days too! I don't go looking for reasons to blame myself. I just look at things. It's kind of the secret TMO ( too Much Oprah) It' s an energy thing. I am so california.
Just in case my emotional pain is related to bringing physical pain into his I am willing to deal with my issues. To release them. I mean it would be great just to feel better and Secret or no Secret I am sure A happy mom will be more happiness for Zach. Thanks for coming to my defense. Guilt is a slippery fellow. I'm getting better at catching it myself.
Sounds like you've had a journey and then some already. Moms as Angels are good to have around. I am sorry you lost her and suffered so much. It's great you have stability with Tina.
Thanks again for your compassion.

Hey everyone,
I love the real conversations on my blog and the real people that come here.

Anonymous said...

I just can't help but feel that these people are taking advantage of vulnerable parents who are deperate for a solution and peddling an ignorant experiment. Sounds criminal. Good on you for being strong and beliving in yourself to do the best for Zach.

Jippy said...

You are right on the money with what's going on.
Criminals they are and I intend to do what I can to stop it. I wrote two senators already. At least I am putting out Zach's story. Now I feel a purpose behind it.