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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Autism Visual Stims Pleoptics Neurodevelopmental Therapy

I wonder if this could be harmful.....I want to try it......


Miriam said...

I like the way they make it fun for the child, and the manner the dad has in the video seems very easy to watch, and considerate of parents dealing with all parts of the spectrum. The light thing seems pretty non-invasive.

I wonder if the head-swivelling has anything to do with sound. I know a composer who likes to close his eyes and move back & forth to get the full spectrum of a symphony when he can- and it's a common habit in the blind, to give depth of field to their aural sensation.

Is it also just the rhythmic repetition that soothes? Is my thought that autistic people are overwhelmed by stimuli outdates? Because it seems maybe that blurring the world would be sort of one defense against the barrage of the senses. Sorry- I don't know much about this. My extent of autism knowledge involves the books about and by Temple Grandin, who is of course very mildly affected.

Miriam said...

Sorry, "outdates" = outdated.

Amy W said...

Very interesting, what would be harmful about it? It's amazing that their son hasn't done it in over a year after this therapy...

Jennifer said...

A man told about his son with autism, He could find the place the room with best sound. I know there is a better word for that. You might know. Zach learned every sound in a movie before the words or the things people were doing. he learned movies in layers that is why he watched them so many times. He knew the sounds of footsteps and doors closing and sounds I never heard...... But he played his key board by sight. I have no idea why. Zachary has phonophobia so I know there something there for Zachary. He can hear a whisper from far away. A book called the sound of a miralce about auditory treatment has helped many children....but as typical with autism ....not all of them. I could send you the book if you want it. You know I think there is a treatment place in Oregon. I lived in Washington and thought about taking Zach. I am so glad for Temple Grandin or else eveyone would think all autistics are like Rain man. LOL

I posted a video showing why I thought it might be bad to try this on zach right now.. He's been blinking lately. He has photophobia and yet I wonder if this isn't a new tick or from the meds.
How can I know? I sent the doc a link to the video. Another reason why I made a new blog for zach.....gee there are going to know to much if there come here. LOL

I've scared off more than a couple people. : )

Anonymous said...

i tried to view the video and it said it was no longer available. can you make it available?

Jennifer said...

I can not make this available his account was deletted. He lost many of his videos. You can check his new You Tube account. /
You can click on the link on my blog here Jippyjabber You Tube channel, you see examples of Zach's stims and tics. Also Pil commander 2 is in my fav section and you can just click on him from there.

Best of luck to you.