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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This year is going by very fast. It's almost March. I have to get Zachary to the dentist and He'll have the surgery to remove this tooth that will otherwise pop out his gums. I like things the way they are right now. I am tired blah blah blah but it's sort of managable right now.

I am having lunch with a freind/ boss this week. I am not sure why. I hope it means he's willing to hire me again. Just when i have this surgery thing looming out there..... I think he just like to have me around when he's working because I understand him. If you take my grandmother and my grand father and combine them into one person .....this is who this guy is,,,,, I totally know him inside and out.

Sometimes he just wants to go to luch because he craves the food from a restaraunt nearby. He is really funny about that. He'll get it in his mind that he has to have a french dip from Houstons or god forbid something he eats while he's in Vegas. He' ll drive to vegas in that week to get it. He won't enjoy anything else until he eats what he is craving and then he'll eat it three or four times that week. This makes me laugh and it 's kind of like Zachary so it makes Zach seem normal......LOL : )

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