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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've been watching this You Tube video of a little girl with aspergers, a higher functioning form of autism. She is so cute. She mentioned how her mom took care of her for the first seven years then she got mental health problems...... ( the mom broke down) ( ok only us moms who have walked up to that line and not crossed it can laugh here...... I know what happened to the mom ) it' s not funny but it helps me to laugh at things that scare me. So it was really hard for the girl to deal with the mom who was worn out from dealing with her.

IN the next video the girl talks about how one of her favorite sounds is her moms voice on the message machine becasuse she always says hello rebecca it's mom I'm on m.......and she'd pick up the phone at that point. She said that was her favorite sound in the world. So even if we loose our mental health and ruin our kids live because we want to be neat and tidy.......they still love the sound of our voice.

I think Zachary loves my arm more than anything else in the world. He may not know it but I do. He is actually comforted by the sound of my voice talking to someone else and not him. I used to call my best friend and talk to her lying next to zach as he was having a pain episode and she would ask if I needed to go help him. I am helping him. So he'd be able to relax in a few minutes. It helped me to be able to talk to her too.

This is going to be a short ( for me ) post. I actually missed another day. It's because we are sleeping at odd times. He's sleeping at 6am and well at least he is sleeping. I thought all those offers of prayers got to him and helped him sleep peacfully. Of course it could have been that he was on the couch near me. I get confused it's like day light savings every other day......

Thank you all for your support. When you get it, you then know how much you needed it.


Michele_3 said...

Great post- you gave me a smile thinking maybe my guy hearing my voice is a sound he loves! I definitely know I love his!

Hang in there lady, I'm praying and pulling for you & Zachary!
I hope you both get great sleep today/tonight!

Miriam said...

Look! AT! YOUR! 6 degrees! TAG! THINGY! GO!!!

Look what you did, Jippy! Yay!

Okay, that's enough exclamations for a long long while, but I just had to tell you how happy it makes me. Not only are people supporting you (reading, linking, posting, commenting, thinking, praying) but they are donating. That's beauty, and it makes me smile almost as much as the honest way you write about your son.


Jippy said...

I am sure you bring him more comfort than you can know. Try to whisper when you are near him. Don't look at him as you would when you talk to someone. I read this in a book ( which one ??) and tried it and it worked for us. Thank you very much for your prayers and support. I can't wait for you to look up the cardinal....

I know!!! I am so glad it's working out. Can you believe that Zachary and I are one of the lucky ones that goes to the MAGIK clinic. It's kind of why I thought I should do something. Also I am so glad for how much they have helped Zachary.
Thank you for the compliments and I would have to say your blog is rocking..... although your last post is a sad one.

Michele_3 said...

I looked up the cardinal- it brought tears to my eyes-
It was amazing to read about..
I loved everything it symbolizes! Thank you for linking that to me- gave me much encouragement & hope today!