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Monday, February 26, 2007

Oprah is coming to town.

My sister sent me a link to this. I keep emailing her with things to ask Oprah for me and Zach.

An apartment wheel chair accesible, with a washer and dryer, a trained companion dog for Zachary. A white lab named Bruno.
(Pay off my Tickets). What else. .......take Zachary to Disney or to swim with Dolphins. What would Zachary really love. Anything from the movie Cars.

Are You In Desperate Need Of A Dream Come True?

Is there a special person you know who has suffered a great deal and deserves to have their wish fulfilled...?

What would Oprah Do?

For you? For me? This is so ironic because, I could never take Zachary to Chicago, so I always thought I'd have to say, I love Oprah can she come to LA? LOL and she is coming to LA!

I have to think about filling out this form. Would I do it for myself? I would fill it out but I don't know if I could send it.
Who couldn't use help but isn't there someone in a worse situation?

Just for the hell of it.....everyone should fill out the form and see what you really want. I think sometimes we don't know what we want.

Is she coming to your town?


Amy W said...

I hope you wrote in. Multiple times!

Michele_3 said...

I hope all those dreams come true for you!
you never know..

noticed your badge-
Great job on donations!