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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thank you,

Thank you for letting me be real.
Thank you for letting me tell the truth about my life and have dignity.
Thank you for seeing the prescious essence of my son. I promise it's even more magnificant in person.
Thank you for not looking away.
Thank you for not asking me to hide.
Thank you for letting this be enough. It is all I can do with my life right now and maybe ever.
Thank you for understanding that I choose to be OK with that. Although some dreams die harder than others.
Thank you for giving me friendship and saying hello to my spirit. It makes me stronger.
Thank you for realizing that there is no way to be good at this.
Thank you for staying when I am weak and reminding me that my strength will return.
Thank you for living your good life around me. I need to see the joy in this world.
Thank you for your encouragement and your confessions of maybe making another choice.
Thank you for ignoring my insanity, my inadequacy, my unwanted, unnamed, unclaimed, unsettled, roving, silent anger.
Thank you for letting me, not believe in god while I rely so heavily upon him. Her, of course I meant her.
Thank you for watching and most importantly hearing the sounds of my son's pain. It needed to be diluted.
Thank you for letting me place the big questions on your shoulders for a while. I am tired of asking them.
Thank you for coming and helping and wishing for better days. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


molly_g said...

So well put. But also, Thank you!

Jennifer said...

Molly g, I could barely respond......I have to link to your post.....Thank You!
well put

I am posting as Jennifer for some's Jippy here.

Amy W said...

Very well put!

Thanks for being able to come here and share your story every day...

jess said...

I can't even say..I am the mother of 2 blessedly healthy children, think its tough...what do i know about your blessings and your shadows...just read your whole blog, linked from money now, wait till student loans come then will give, meantime, giving from ( touches heart) right here. Jess

Jippy said...

Thank you Jess, 2 healthy kids is a big job for anyone. I am glad fussy sent you this way. Are you trying to go to school too? WOW!

Jess said...

yeah, full time online for web development. Annnd...I'm delivering pizzas part time lol.
My girlfriend is a creative writing major, tho, I told her about you, how Sidney Sheldon is your hero :)
I think that totally rocks.
I couldn't do the life I'm doing to the extent I'm doing it without took me till 35 to get her, Daddies stuck around, ya know? We've been together now 2 years, and I never knew how cool it could be to have someone help...I digress, but anyway, I just think you are really neat.
When I worked at a womens gym in my 20's there was a young boy who was autistic, and I loved having him come in, he was such a breath of unique air, and my sons daycare worker has a son with Arschbergers, so I have some idea of what challenges you face, but I must say, your son did a good job when he picked you for a Mom!

Jennifer aka Jippy said...

MMMM I love to think Zach picked me. I have to think we both agreed to this on a higher level.
Zach loves pizza it would be fun if you delivered it.
Gotcha on the no daddies....... I know a little something about dating women. When it's good it's good and when they hurt you......they damn well know what they are doing! If you've found good love then give good love back. I wish we had a more tolerant world ....including for kids like zachary.

Jess said...

I think Zach knows all about the Buddhist philosophy of needing everything we got.....sometimes you need hurt to know you are alive.
But, since I am the big happy clown, I would sure show up with pizza, except its not very good pizza, it more like bulk hahaha.
You an Zach are supastahs, I so look forward to hearing more of your journey on this blog...Zach
I don't have a blog but if you ever want to email me my address is, I think its only fair you should have my info since I am here visiting.
Seriously, thanks for connecting with me Jennifer... I needed a friendly voice this week.

Jippy said...

Tess, I need a friendly voice everyday and that's why I have this blog. Only the best come here. I am sure it's divine intervention. I tell you I've regained my strength from the support I get here. You should blog.

Jippy said...

Damn! I did do it on my blog too! I have no idea how to erase that either. Maybe no one will come back...... damn...... I suck for that!