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Monday, February 05, 2007

I've decided to check out SaveThe Cat.
The Last Story Structure Software You'll Ever Need.
I read about this program over on Planet Pooks.
Now the idea of structure sounds good.

This program is serious. You have to choose a title and you can't go on if you don't. Up next is your log line.
I've been using a 'working title' 'Fear of Knives.'

I'd have to say that this story has had a real abstract birth. To make it interesting I've had the profound experience of life meets art. Some bastard doctor is creeping into my story. ( my doctor not any of zach's)
I've let him in but it also pushed me out. So it's time for me to teach this fucker who's boss.

So maybe it's starts with the title. Then the logline. Then one long sucsession of following the rules...............
As a kid that's all I wanted the adults in my life to do ....was follow the fucking rules. ha
So now's my big chance to live by the rules. A title and a logline. How hard can it be?

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