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Friday, February 09, 2007

Jippy Gets Fussy! & into A Famliy Story!

Go see fussy about fussy read Zachary is a Peach it's about my Zachaary! Can you believe it? You have to read about the halloween costume incident ( damn it I can't find the link to it! I will come back and fill it in. I barely have my eyes open yet and it's almost 2pm ( yes PM) .( Click on) Giving birth in her bathroom, it is a classic too. You can't go wrong at fussy. She is smart and more than I thought because she mentions how hard Zachary is trying. He is trying and I could not be more proud. I am touched that she mentions him in this way.

I emailed her to see if she'd post about Zacharywinsagain When you click on the link you can read my email to her.
Note to self...... becareful when sending emails, people might need to post them one day. ( she asked, I said yes ) I have decided not to call myself a writer but a girl who has something to say, just to get away with bad spelling and bad grammer. I might be rethinking that soon. The most unexpected thing and weird thing is to see people talking about me. I wasn't expecting that. Note to self, don't be so lame because people might post/ comment about you one day. ( seriously thank you Miriam!)

When you go to Zachary WIns Again you'll see my first donater in the links list. A family story. You might assume it's another family with autism or of a child suffering from one of the many disorders that Zachary suffers from. IT's NOT!
Did you get that? What a true hero! A family story is a good story and one of my favorites. STOP THE PRESSES!

I just clicked on my link to Amy's blog A Family Story and go see what she posted today! Also, so I could link to her..... Talk about feeling like part of the family! She has linked about Zachary no, wait, her whole blog entry today is about Zachary and I am learning that means Jippy too.

Below is something I lifted from her blog to show you how amazing she is........

There is a standard of being a mom, a career person, a woman. One with excellent taste in shoes! ( no joke I have to find the psot) I go there to see what a family means because, I need to see it working. It keeps a dream a live in me.

She isn't really in my village and I thought I would be kicked out of hers. That is according to the rules of a world we all complain about. A shallow unforgiving world. She isn't like that, she didn't kick me out. She has been supportive and compasionate. She lives in a normal world and I think it's beautiful. She also rises about it in a way that never makes you feel like you are beneath her. It's hard work to do what she does. I respect her. I don't know, if I would do, what she does as well as she does. I like to say that because it's true and people say it about me all the time and well isn't this a crazy world. If I was her, I just don't think I would be as nice. Zachary, in a way, forces me to do something good with my life. She just straight out chooses to be a kind person.

Finally, I get back to the stuff I lifted from her it is..........

"Southern California is a hell of a long way away from North Carolina, but if I can help one child in his treatment with a pain disorder, then it's worth it."

That's what she said on her blog and she was my first donator, I salute her! So she isn't talking smack. In fact she never does.........she is brilliant......She is honestly putting out the effort to be successful in everything she does.

There is one thing....... if you've ever seen a blog where people put of pictures of dolls and try to pass them off as children.....LOL Honestly, it will be your first thought. Dolls! A Doll Go see!

Help could not have come at a better time. I am honestly beat down today. Zach's new meds have kicked in. The meds that make everything worse but might help his foot. It's happening.....That 20 seconds of pain video clip went on all night last night and into this morning, actually into this afternoon. Just like old times. Except I don't feel alone. I don't feel afraid. I feel the fussy world behind be. I feel a whole family and friends behind me. Before I was a blogger and had the support from all of you. I had Dr Joseph and Dr. Gold, our pain team from Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Magik clinic Making Aches Go Away In Kids I have called Dr. Joseph anytime of the day or night. He does what I call, the math of Zachary. He talks me down off the ledge too. How does he do it? He 's funny and compastionate. I would be a tragic headline with out their MAGIK!

Thank you fussy and thanks to your people! Thank you A Family Story and to your people too!

Ok so go see what it's all about ..Zachary Wins Again He is a peach and he's here on this planet working things out. I don't know why children sufffer. I do want it to stop. So please help if you can.

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Amy W said...

I don't know what to see other than thank you. Those are unbelievably nice things to say! Look for more donations this Mom is not good at the computer, I am going to walk her through the donation process.

I am also still trying to get the badge up on my site, supposedly my template I got off of zoot is the problem. This may be my sign to switch to another template!