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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Zachary Wins Again

A new blog just to promote the six degree charity badge. Please pass it on if you can.


I just wanted a place to keep record of Zach and share his journey and to ask for donations without scaring the shit out of people. LOL

Honestly you all of very kind to me. In the world of autism it's brutal. Some higher functioning Autistics hate charites because they feel like "we" are telling them something is wrong with them and they don't belong. I understnd that and it would be great if zach felt that way one day too. It's just that it will take science and medicine to get him there. ALso other parents hate that Zach takes meds and they can be rude. I got yelled at " you are poisoning your child" because I let him have icecream.... Fuck it- I poison myself everyday ( some how or another)'s the most fun I have...LOL Diet helps these kids but so does the occasional birthday party. If it cured him he'd never eat icecream.

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