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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's still Tuesday isn't it? Damn......I missed it! just by a few minutes......blah.

On the bottom of this page is a movie blogger button. I wanted it in the side bar and I'll fix that later.
So if you want to promote your site as a movie or screenwriting site. You can get listed on this blog roll.
I would caution that they are listing every article and not just the ones listed Film or movie....... I don't mind enough to go delete them. They found something I wrote about Mel Gibson's movie ruining my script and listed me and then contacted me.
Maybe that is how it works.

I like personal blogs. I like pro blogs.

A nurse from the genetics clinic called me today. She left a message and didn't say what it was about. How annoying!
It could be lab results or the EKG that is supposed to happen already. I called her all day and never got a hold of her.
Zach is completely on Empty. He had no energy but he ate something so I'm not headed to the ER.

That crazy bridezzilla who cut her hair ( did you see that You TUbe video) is on Jimmy Kimmel and I really can' t wait to see if that was .....and yep she is an actress...( they all were) ..... I knew it all along!!!! But she did have to cut her hair for real.

Looks like a long night for me...... I am going to go think up some fake You Tube Video because I just don't get enough attention.


Amy W said...

Hope your night wasn't too long...

That bride chick was all over, on the Today show and such. I figured it was fake as well.

Jennifer said...

Well, you know what those long nights are like. Ear infections are worse at nightl.

OH I am glad you knew it was a fake!