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Monday, April 02, 2007


I want to let you know that the audience of 90 physicians (mostly family
practitioners and pediatricians) were absolutely riveted to the sceen when I
showed those brief clips of your son! I am absolutely sure that those are
images that they will remember forever. And I am also sure, by the looks on
their faces as well as the questions asked of me afterwards, that my purpose was
served - in fact, I saw lots of nodding in the audience when I told them that I
do not think these children should be assessed and responded to in the same way
as other,non-autistic children, when they aggress, including self aggression.

I have to say that my experience dealing with families of children with autism
is that these are - you are - the most generous of parents, really trying to
help educate others. That is a wonderful effort on your part.

I am really humbled and honored to be even a small part of that.

thanks again, so very much.


Dr. Debra found the videos of Zachary on You Tube and contacted me for permission to use them.


Brett Battles said...

I am in awe of you everyday I read one of your posts or watch Zachary's videos on YouTube. He's a special guy, and I know with the difficulty come endless joy for the two of you, also.

I've told you before I'm also the parent of a special needs son, but your journey is very inspiring to me.

Brett Battles said...

By the me you address and I'll send you a copy of THE CLEANER. Consider it a gift from a friend. You can find my email address on my website. :)

Jippy said...

Sharing our journey and the kindness we've recieved over the internet has been wonderful for us. That it wound up helping doctors understand kids like Zach better is beyond anything I expected. And Hey, Zachary being a fan of his own videos, now feels like a Rock Star!

I will take you up on that offer. Thanks! Proud to call you a friend. My best to your son.

Amy W said...

That is great that your videos can be used to help others, how cool is that?