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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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Celuloid Blonde Award
Celluloid Blonde Award


My favorite posts from my Link toos.......... AKA blog roll..............

Celluloid Blonde Read every word she writes. Here is something she wrote on love. You might find yourself there, captured in a couple of words. My favorite post of hers changes all the time. I went with the first one that came to mind. Love, I swear to god I am not thinking about love, not in any way. Except maybe this, read Max, you'll love her! I have to say, with Max, Never Judge a Post by it's Cover! The gold is in the comments. ( PS be careful she' not tolerant of ......well, just go find out for yourself.)

The Show Must Go On I am just going to link to her current post. It sums up who she is so well. She is fun, cool and sentimental. Her heart just makes yours open. She's an experience. She's got energy, she is keeping up with her teenagers and she's living large in her own world. I want to be able to do that. She gave me the secret code to get a hold of her on the down low. You know what I mean, that's sweet, sweet, sweet.

A Family Story She is the last person you would think would be getto cool but she is...... GO SEE! She does a fun thing every Monday. A different person is in charge of it every Mon. She has Picture Fridays. The cutest little girls in the world! Confessions of a working mom " I have totally crawled into Audreys crib to get her to sleep once or twice. " She totally posted about my little man Zach. I love her just for that. She surprised me when she went out on a limb and got a little controversial. She got lots of comments and many bloggers express their points of view on her post, SHould pre-school be mandatory? She gets a humanitarian award from me. I said this before, If I was her, I would be a snotty biotch. She could be but instead she opens her world and shares it freely. I so enjoy knowing her.

Moving J Wards, I am linking to her video and you really should vote for it. Zach made is own response to it ( that's You Tube Talk ) Her Toby is an Extra cute baby! I expect great things from this woman. She has the gift of discernment. I don't know what that means but I like how she interprets things. if I ever make it Oprah she promises to come and hold my purse or pass out tissues. One post I loved was when she grabbed the green food coloring instead of vanilla while making oatmeal cookies. LOL I laughed so hard when I saw the green cookies on her blog. Another favorite post of hers is ......buying a lie. You've got to click around on her blog. I predict she will write a novel one day. I don't know why I just think she will.

In My Shoes my favorite post of hers is called' hello 'because she finally after three years got a communication device appraoved for PARTIAL payment from her insurance company. I also loved that she put up the Zachary badge on her site. I am having trouble linking to my post so it's a general link but you are so lucky becasue if you scroll down to April 12. "coming up for Air" you'll see she gives me a big thank you and a shout out! LOL you can't miss it! She is going through a lot and she has been a huge support to me.

Pooks AKA The green goddes. Writers Do You Suffer? You'll see the post came from a question from a student ( I think) How kind of her to make it a post and then..... she helped me personally, answering a question I had in the comments. How generous. I learned about the green miles, when she takes her bike instead of driving. I am freakin hauted right now because she wrote another post about writing or it's kind of how the her brain works while writing.... something like that and I loved it. Maybe I will find it later.

LOLO LOLO is my BFF So, I have to mention her here. She is a CRAPTASTIC! blogger. I mean it. She can go forever with out posting. Also it Is a covert operation so people she knows don't know it's hers and she can say anything. We talk in code because we like it. To stay out of trouble. Her blog sends her emails to her work computer so it's almost been taken over by me trying to get the her to call me. What the fuck call more often! I am kidding. sort of... My favorite post of hers is, The Shift, just skip to the end where she says I am so smart! : )


cinemagypsy said...

Thanks so much Jen for the kind words. You are a doll.
I'd have to say my favorite post of yours is Zach with the sunglasses scoping out some Coke Blak.

Jippy said...

I love that one that too I keep that picture on my camera!

Amy W said...

I am a little behind this week, sorry!

Thanks as usual for the kind words and the link...

Someday, I am coming out to meet you...