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Monday, April 30, 2007

Jippy U make me sick!

I got this comment on the video of zachary twenty seconds of pain. I checked it out and it came from a kid so I said I didn't mind. One comment led to another and someone chimed in to defend me and I said this is a kid standing up for another kid. ......... eventually I got this email from him...... I had aready told him I thought he was a hero and would make a good big brother. He stood up for zach not knowing him and thinking ( and I see why) it was horrible of a mother to put this video up on the internet. Dillion is 13 with A D H D ... he is sweet!

hello i posted another comment it didnt post it could have ben 2 long ... i said i was sorry 4 what i said 2 U i just wanted U 2 know that i have A cousin hes 12 hes retareded my aunt has 2 dress him & wash him he still wears diapers he can walk & say A few words hes verry smart in his own way i have A D H D i can get wackyyyy sometimes my cousin hits him self & he bangs his head on the wall ... when i saw the video of zach i just thought is was some kids my age play fighting like i do with my sister & lil brother when i seen it i felt bad & sorry 4 him its how i am i really cryed when i seen that it really hurt me i just dont think is was right 2 post that on the internet 4 the whole world 2 see but i showed it 2 my mother & she told my why just like U say its 2 help other's if U have msn messenger plzz add me add me or yahoo messenger or aim .............. plzz read this 2 zach 4 me im sure he cant read but thats ok .. hi zach i hope U get well soon & i hope all your pain goes Away even know i dont know U but my hart goes out 2 U love Dillon


Michele_3 said...

How heartwarming was that?
That is really cool,
did you get to read it to Zach yet?

Jippy said...

yes, and he wants to go get his picture taken at the beach like Dillions! It's cute.

LoLo said...

This is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time! What an awesome kid. I'm also in awe of how you handled it, how understanding and compassionate you were. And look how it turned out! Zach has a buddy, not just any buddy but a sincere amazing one. So cool!