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Friday, April 13, 2007

Zach has given himself a black eye and maybe broke his nose. I put frozen peas on his face and I'll see what it looks like tomorrow. He can heal fast with things like this so it could be fine tomorrow. It just looked really bad. He's much bigger now than when he was going through this teething, mouth pain.

I got ready for it today. I have everything I need to handel it here. If he breaks through all of his meds and all of my tricks then I'll try to get him to Children's Hopital or I'll call 911. I have had to do that twice before because he was turning blue. I could not get him stable. He gets some morphine and hopefully sleep.

Now that I wrote this and took into consideration that he is bigger, the doc can go higher on the pain meds. There are increased right now but I have no idea what the limit is so I won't shy away from calling the doctor. I hate to call them.

I have even stocked up on some food for me. I am trying to be really strong and healthy during the hard times. I haven't pulled it off in the past and quit trying.

The best part about this is that it's the last tooth until his molars become a problem. I used to do this ......well for years one tooth after another and it was a violent hell. So one more time............

It will be ok.


max said...

I worry about you too Jennifer because he is getting bigger. And bigger means stronger. So he can do more damage to himself, and he can do damage to you. Are you lifting weights? You have to be physically strong enough to handle this.

Jippy said...

Thanks Max, I am just getting started lifting weights.
I've been dieting and not really loosing weight so it's time for working out. I am tired so I hate it but I am sure I will get into it. Zach would feel terrible if he hurt me. That and ( I keep saying this) I am going to move.