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Friday, April 27, 2007

The cute story.

On the way home we see a Hersey kiss car. Like the Oscar Meyer weiner car but with three kisses.
We stop becasue it looks fun. zach plays some game and it turns out to be a fund raiser for Children's Hosp. " I just came from there" I fill out a form to win..... I don't even know what. .... so she hands me a mic and says look in the camera and say this...... I said what for? Oh just two people will see it so the judges know who you are. OK I can't leave Zach is into it.

I am now entered into the sweetest mom in America contest. I say Hi my name is Jennifer I am from Pasadena. Zach grabs the mic and says and " I am Mr. Zachary" Oh it was sooo cute! I am Mr. Zachary from Pasadena! I was so into that .....I nothing more to say to the camera but I like the traditional kisses. I give them out for no reason at all........

As soon as it was over I kept thinking everyones knows the best kisses come from mom and hershey's ...... I called a friend and told her to go do it and say that......she said, I can't I have PMS......I said good its free chocolate! LOL

Kissmobile Click around you can enter with a video of yourself and my slogan is up for grabs!


cinemagypsy said...

Oh you should totally win that.

Jippy said...

No way, I looked on the website and the prize is a trip to Herysey PA. It was a fun experience and as long as Zach thinks I am the sweetest mom in AMerica..... hate to sound soooo sooo cheesey but it was a win for me right then and there.

Mr Zachary form Pasadean....OMG I loved it!

Christina said...

you ARE the Sweetest Mum in America...hands down! I'm more interested in going to Legoland than Hershey. ^_^

Miriam said...

Mr. Zachary is golden, and I would give him all my kisses if it would help his tooth. I know what you MEAN about waiting rooms.

I think the "language barrier" can be too solid sometimes, in both directions. People use it more like a shield. It's like the emperor's new clothes, though: ain't nobody fooled.

Amy W said...

How cool!! And if you win and get to go to Hershey, I will meet you there :).