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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's that day again. I am trying to be in the now. Fit my healthy lifstyle into this hospital situatioin.
I really just want it over and to be having a good summer.

I see the surgeon and he is the man I need to talk too. I have two appointments Thurs. and one on Friday.

I hope I get sleep tonight. I am so tired and I want to be sharp when I talk to the docs.


Amy W said...

Did you get any sleep last night?? What did the docs say??

Michele_3 said...

Keep us posted about the talk w/ the DR'S!
Stay strong,Your in my thoughts!

Jippy said...

I was miserable. they said the tooth is won't self correct. they said his bones are low in calcium and they wanted his leg x rayed. I mean just to be cautious. We are adding another doc to our list. referred to a new reahab guy. I am glad about his but still.... it's a start all over situation. I go back tomorrow.

Did you see the video I made? The one of Zach holding a present. It's my first edited video. It's kind of sad. I am happy with how it turned out. For a first try.......