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Wednesday, April 04, 2007





Yep, If you ckick go to my Jippyjabberchannel Zachary's Blinking Video just hit 1000 views. A STAR IS BORN!
He is working on a special response video to one of his favorite You Tubers. You'll have to wait and see......


Some times I pretend like nothing is wrong. I believe it so much that I start bitching myself out for not being more successful. I am such a fucking slacker. I was proabably never going to amount to anything anyways. I just haven't gotten it done. Why do I still live here? Where are the vacation pictures? Zachary swimming with the dolphins. IS this all I can give him?

Do you think three Easter baskets will make up for it? He picked out three baskets when he saw them. I realized then that he won't have easter with his cousin. I didn't want to fight with him in the store. The truth is I wanted him to win even if we did. He knows almost every present he ever gets. I know It's sounds so great, "The Nanny." The truth is he is a two person job and I rarely leave them alone. I can't risk loosing her.

He is freaking out now and I am in a mode. How can I blame this on me? I recognise this search mode going through my mind and red lights start flashing. I'll go comfort him.

I know we are OK. Oh the snake of guilt the slithering fuck. I let my gaurd down. It's those lonely easter baskets. I'll think of something that I have named the beast. He likes those plastic eggs. I can hide them and he'll find gummy lifesavers in them and maybe some hot wheels. He will be surprised, maybe even looking for a bunny somewhere. Sometimes it's not so bad when I pretend like nothing is wrong.


max said...

Hang tough, Jennifer.

Miriam said...

Rad about the shows, huh! I actually will set my Tivo for that Oprah. I love when she does a show with an actual topic like this.

Zach's got quite the Easter gift basket pile coming. Sweet!

This is the first Easter where Toby is really capable of participating (last year he was only 3 1/2 months old) but we haven't done anything to get ready yet. You're inspiring me.

Jippy said...

Max, Thanks, it's time for the zoo or aquarium. You can't beat misery by feeling bad about it. LOL

Miriam, It is so much fun watching them wobble around looking for eggs! I've been worried about you! Glad to see you.

cinemagypsy said...

Guilt is a slithery fucker isn't it?

Ease up on yourself. Get yourself an Easter basket of bubble baths and chocolates. Does wonders for the soul.

Christina said...

i don't know what you just said there. I cannot understand it. makes my head hurt. but i hope all is well with you and Zach.