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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I waited and I waited and I waited.

A waiting room isn't a nursery. I know you want to sit down veg out and let your kids roam.
I broke up two fights. I got pushed out of the way by someone who ignored their child long enuogh for him to trample over three of us to get to the kid holding the remote for the nintendo game. I mentioned to a women three times that her kid just might have to go to the bathroom. Finally, she looks at her kid who was ummmmm picking his seat. Later, I see her coming out of the bathroom and she smiles at me like I had magical powers of the a child wisperer....He did have to go! ( oh boy!)

Why oh why can't they say hi. You come to this country, you have children here. You are going to a place where other children don't need to feel any worse than they already do. Please learn how to say hi or at least put a freaking smile on your face. I understnd enough spanish to know that you are laghing at how you think what you are saying is going right over my head. How even your child understands you. Wake up you are in America. Funny thing is.... everyone else noticed that I did know what you were saying. You are oblivious! When your kid comes to steal my kids toy and my kid smiles and says hi........the least you can do is say hi back. Oh yeah take a shower before you go out in public....

I had asked the dentist if they could lower this tooth into place and not pull it and they laughed at me and told me they don't do that. OF course what did the surgeon suggest they'd try first? Placing the tooth in the proper position. Bad news it will take four to six weeks to get a surgery date..... what the?

So basically I will be monitoring a chemical straight jacket becasue the pain is getting so bad. I wonder what if this tooth breaks out. This will be so messed up. No wonder I am bitching about waiting room behavior..... I also started raggin about my freinds boyfriend instead of comforting her. Arg. I am just tired and looking at super human feat coming up.
Did I mention I have been dieting and working out? Zach isn't too happy about this crap.

I have to go back tomorrow. I do not want too. Did I mention that they sent me to xray his leg today. He has osteropeana so that's low calcium of the bones. So he's getting ready to go to rehad and I by the time his name comes up he'll be full on crazy tooth pain.

Ok I'll stop bitching. I have a sweet story too.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just need a good bitch. I can feel one coming up. It's like a volcano. Once you spew it out you can move on.