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Friday, April 20, 2007

Three times a charm at Children's Hospital.

I have to go back three times next week.

I spent the day there yesterday.

I talked to the doctor on the phone last night.

We have a plan for the weekend.

I have to change Zach's diet again.

It's just like old times.


I mean you can't know how good this is for us. We went down the street to the Disney store on Hollywood Blvd.
We found the blue Dynaco lightening Mcqueeen car! the little one This has been a source of nightmares for me. Now I just need to find Sarge and Filmore. LOL

Poor Zach, We were just outside the Disney store he's having a pain episode and we can't get out of the car. If ever anyone thought this was a tantrum . You know what kid pitches a fit delaying going in the store he wants, to buy basicallly what ever he wants..... We had a twenty minute window and we ran in and scored! He fell apart again and it took a long time to get home but when we did and added the new car to our collection He told me it was perfect.



Michele_3 said...

Thinking of you & Zach!
I'm sorry to hear about how much pain he is in right now.
Good job with scoring the car, I bet you made his day!
Remember to take care of you too!

Miriam said...

Score! Definitely a well-deserved window of respite in a tough day.