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Friday, April 06, 2007


I just made of point of having fun. I am just having vacation envy.

I put some feelers out on a project and the main shark I work for ......well, I forgot his girlfriend is in the business too. Some dude with money keeps playing with them claiming he'll match funds......when he knows they can't get the rest of the money. Whatever, they keep wanting to keep projects for their big cross over deal. Actors eat up what little money they have to be held for a project but they won't sign a letter of intent or let you use their name to help raise money. Actors hate that........ It's just the deepest end of the bullshit. The thing is this crap used to work out for me in a weird way. Now it's just not anymore.
If it's possible I would actually like to know what the hell I am doing..........

I do want to do an online class ( I am hoping Max will put in a good word for me) but I was waiting for Zach's surgery date.

It's not canceled it's postponed. I got a call from the hospital and they will call me back to reschedule. I hate when I say ok I am going to wait for this or that and ............the waiting gets extended...... I have to learn to be more fluid with life. I was type A neurotic and I liked it better that way. Oh well.

Don't worry if I go MIA for a while..... I timed this surgery close and now that it has been delayed I may have to deal with this tooth trying to cut through the gums. I am going to try to get one of his doctors to pull some strings for us.

On the other hand so many things are getting better that I am willing for more good to come. ( as long as I don't crack the whip on myself the second we are not in the mist of hell. )


Miriam said...

I'll pray up some good crap-evading mojo for you and the filmies. I can't imagine not wanting to smack people upside the head when you KNOW your ideas would actually have meaning and impact.

Fingers crossed for good surgery dates, too.

Jippy said...

Selling an idea is an act of desperation from someone at my level. It's really never legit.

I'll take on some other project and get the money I am Looking for to take Zach on a couple of trips.

I am lucky with money. I like to do work that helps people.. somehow i get a cool little project just suited for my situation.

cinemagypsy said...

Hey, of course Max will put the good word out for you.
Good luck with the surgery dates. Hope you get a chance to throw down a few words, let us all know real quick how it is going.