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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's totally rigged and if he pulls my name out of a hat he'll put it back in.......... Just kidding!


Just reccommend your favorite book and link to the author if you want. That is it and you could win a signed pre-released copy of his book.


Some interesting books have already been listed by the entrants. If you have a favorite book then you've got what it takes to play. I think the list is worth checking out even if you don't want to enter.

Time to Win Again!

You'll see that I entered My Blog Crush Robert Gregory Browne's Kiss Her Goodbye. Don't get me wrong Brett is right up there in the blog crush category. He is the a perfect man. This is how it works. You read an awesome book and you go, who fucking wrote this? I have to meet this guy.........These are those guys.... : )


Brett Battles said...

Hey...thanks for the plug! But a crush on Rob??? I have to question your tastes. I mean I KNOW this guy. How anyone could have a crush on him, I'll never know!

...fine...he's a good guy...go ahead and have your crush...

Jippy said...

This the fun stuff you get between Rob and Brett, You shouldn't miss out on it. People have wanted them to take "their show on the road" LOL

Brett is a thinking blog too. I should have nominated him but I am sure Rob will. ( if he doesn't I really fucked up)