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Friday, March 23, 2007

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It's a set up I am sure.
I am waiting for a surgery date for Zachary. Any day I'll get a call and they'll say no food at midnight and we will see how it goes if he has to stay in the hospital or if he can go home but he will get have to recover and he's getting worse waiting for the surgery.

I know it's a tooth that needs to come out. It sounds like nothing but he's got a pain disorder and anthing internal is amplified. He's growing too and it takes all the energy out of his cells.

How can I break this cycle? I don't know if I should write anything but when I almost won the big lottery. I felt my writing dreams step in and say no way man it doesn' t happen like that. LOL

Mean while the tutorials for Final cut Pro are easier for me to do right now. I think I want to take a class. I just really want to get out of here for a few hours a month. Then I might have clarity or just more enthusiasm.

I can't think when our sleep is so off. And it's usually off. You know I pay for sleep. I do, I pay the nanny to stay with zach and I sleep even if the rat falls asleep when I am sleeping I pay her to stay with two sleeping people here. Because I can't really sleep listening out for him So if I pay to sleep why wouldn't I pay to write. I should just include it on her schedule.

Having dreams even if you don't believe in them ( trust me ) it's important.


max said...

You could take an online class. It might be better for you to take an out of the house class because it might be easier for you to concentrate fully out of the house but an online class would let you do it from home.

Jippy said...

To concentrate or not concentrate that is the question. But You got right to heart of the matter, an online class is my only real chance of completeing anything.

max said...

well I happen to know a place that teaches online classes.

cinemagypsy said...

And I have to add, you will not find a better class Jennifer, than the one Max is talking about.

Never take a break from writing because the fit has hit the shan, some of my best stuff was written under extreme stress. I didn't recognize it as that when I wrote it. So don't stop writing, write when things are good, bad, ugly.

Get that sitter of yours some coffee.

Jippy said...

Max, I so need the hook up!

Cinema- G You have just cursed me, those words will burn in the back of my eye lids. When life sucks and I want to shut it off....NOooo, I'll see this flashing neon sign. "don't stop writing, write when things are good, bad, ugly. "some of my best stuff..........." I I I mean thanks for the tip. : ) lol

cinemagypsy said...

I've never heard anyone say it hurt them to write on bad days.

That better? LOL.

Jippy said...

Cinema- G Accept no excuse, take no prisoners! What is done can not be undone. After you got jacked up on Coke Blak and steamed cleaned the carpet with alcohol for seven hours to clean up an oil spill........ I think you pretty much made it clear you aren't afraid of hard work anytime anywhere. While I may never have that pace....make no mistake, I am in awe of the whole can do attitude........... : )

Amy W said...

Good luck with taking a class.

I would pay for sleep as well if I were in your shoes. I wish I was closer, I would come over and play with Zach so you could sleep!