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Friday, March 02, 2007


Yes, I meant to shout that out. Because of the complex regional pain syndrome his right leg is in pain and his right foot has foot drop. Foot drop means it just hangs down. He's been able to move his foot up and down a little for a while.

I thought I saw his big toe move the other day when I was putting lotion on his leg. I wasn't sure if he moved it or not. This morning which is still last night for us........ I was rubbing his foot and he moved his toes. HALLELUJAH.

So the medicine that makes everything worse but might help his helping his leg. He can't move his toes when I ask him to try. He'll grab his foot with his hand and try to move his foot. However, his nerves are healing. Nerves take a long long time to heal. I think it's a centimeter every three months or something painfully slow like that. His foot is really stiff. We miss swimming. I wish I had a hot tub. I better be careful and go easy. He'll have too much pain if I push and then his brain might start this whole process all over again.

It goes soemthign like this, the brain restricts blood flow to an injury at first (I guess so we don't bleed to death.) In complex regional pain syndrome the brain can stay in this mode. Now if you have a pain disorder this can complicate things. I am not giving medical advice. I am trying to point out how much of a miracle this is!! His toes moved!!!!!!


Michele_3 said...

Wonderful News!
I'm so happy for you- Thanks for sharing..

Jess said...

Hey Jippy :)
Which class are you taking?
I did used to work in orthotics in my old life so I am wondering if Zach is wearing an AFO device for drop foot?
I have a real great option to recommend but email me if you want to discuss it okay? Good for you for getting out, and viva non-fat caramel machiatto!

Jennifer aka Jippy said...

Thanks Michele, we are excited about toes oever here.

yes on the AFO, we call it his helicopter leg because of it's "tatoo" of a helicopter. Will email.

Amy W said...

That is great news...I am sure more will come.