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Thursday, March 29, 2007


My neighbor just left for work, 5 am. My son is wide awake. His breathing is a little stressed so I have to remind him to "BREATHE" His body wants to be asleep. Every part of him is tired. But he is STILL AWAKE. I gave him a bath. I put on cozy PJ's well his best sleeping shirt and his favorite boxers. I am trying every trick in the book. This has been happening for days ok the past couple of weeks. His nanny came today. I was hanging on until she got here. I saw her breifly on Monday, I was a real grouch to her. I told her I wasn't living my life according to her idiosyncrasies. She just keeps coming up with more of them. She couldn't stay long enough for me to sleep, because she has a morning and evening class on Mondays. Today, I let her in, told I was sorry for being such a bitch the other day then laid down on my bed, she walked in Zach's room came back and I was out cold.

She cleaned my fucking kitchen. I swear the nicer I am to her the more spoiled she gets and when I am grouchy she's doing me favors and she actually stopped Zach several times from waking me and then agreed to take him for a walk. They went to the Corner Bakery which is literally just around the corner. He ate four pieces of bread, not the best choice for a boy with autism. So no pizza for him this week. Then he dragged her to the bookstore. NO WHEEL CHAIR!

I woke up, got in the car drove to the bookstore parking lot, called her and she said, I don't think we can make it home we went all the way to the bookstore. Oh mamma knows, mamma knows.

So bring it on Zachary! I am all recharged...........


Amy W said...

A little sleep goes a long ways...your instincts are great!

max said...

All the way to the book store with no wheel chair is super. When is the last time he made it that far without the chair?

Jippy said...

Amy, I slept in the day with people around me......... you know that was some good sleep.

We tried to remember and we really can't remember it's been over a year for sure. So we let him buy a couple of sticker books but made him put back the EYEWITNESS BOOKS so he'll walk there again on Friday to get those. I can't wait until we can walk there and back it's our very favorite thing to do.

max said...

That rocks. He is really making progress.