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Thursday, March 22, 2007


A Day with the Ex's Ex.

I got a call from a friend.
She was almost Zachary's step mother. She was acting step mother for quite a while.
She never married Zach's father. I used to get blamed for that because I would not sign off on the back child support his dad owed and she didn't want to marry into that debt. I simply said, it's not my money to sign off on, it's Zachary's. OH, how I was the devil back then. Now, she thanks me...

She calls and says do you want to see Premonition? I said, I can't remember the last time I saw a grown up movie in the theatre. When and where? So here is the clever thing. I happen to be having lunch in a place that has an adjoining parking lot of this obscure theratre that happened to be playing movies early enough to accommodate my nanny's schedule. We finished lunch just in time for me to meet her at the movie. Cool.

( skip this if you want it's my review of how I felt watching the movie OR KEEP IN MIND I HAVE ISSUES INCLUDING WITH THE PERSON SITTING NEXT TO ME WHILE WATCHING)

So this movie has you holding on. You are waiting and you are holding the puzzle pieces wondering where they will fit in and you are wanting to have a clue as to how they fit and you are hoping to god you can focus and remember how these sort out and then you think it's stretching my brain too much and you wonder hey maybe I am not supposed to hold on. Maybe let go and take the ride. Soon you hope that is the case because there are pieces you can't remember.
Then a character shows up and spits out some clue or glue to these pieces. It really pisses you off because you just let go of the pieces, in trust and hope of the picture being shown to you. Then you notice that this character, is what they call.....I guess..... exposition ( a talking head) and it's really bad. Especially, if you have ever met a person of this vocation. You will know that the writer probably never has.
So you love this movie and then you surrender to it and then you are mad as hell that you did. ...... but wait...............there is a chance to see greatness in this movie would be so awesome and you would forget any frustration before it...... so you hold on again and you start to admire the rythm and it's exciting and then another fuckr who does not belong in this movie shows up and tells you something completely irrevalant and it's like a neon sign telling you some bullshit that makes you think out his storyline and he doesn't have one! You never see him again. Mother of God!
In the end you just don't care enough to be appeased by the parting shot.

Then the woman who ran off with my husband who happens to be my friend now because life is strange says, to me, I don't understand the scene when the girl is waiting for the married man.............blah blah blah....... who waits for that? How come they didn't already do it by then? I looked her in the eye and thought.....some people never learn! I nearly wet myself laughing so hard.

Good News!
I saw some similar scenes that I have in my script and they look cool on screen. I was inspired to dust off my script. I mean what are the odds of me getting to see a movie? A movie that gives me a green light in an area that had me ummmmmm scared to write.

Zach Missed Me
I have spent the rest of the day and night making up my absence to Zachary. I used this to my advantage. I convinced him he needs to stop buying toys until we get a new toy shelf. I was so thrilled with myself with this idea. kids can be suckers.


Amy W said...

Glad you got to see the movie and it inspired you to dust off yours.

Yes, kids are definitely suckers!

Jess said...

Unreal she said that? unbelievable. The...nerve. You gotta love chutzpa like that. Oh, well, we can't all be introspective and in touch with our motives, I guess.
Good luck with that one. She must have unrelated attributes which make up for that type of commentary lol.
Thanks for the smile today.

Jippy said...

Yeah, she's a mother figure in Zach's life and in a way he views her as a father figure as she was with his father the last he saw his father. Beneath that shallow shell she's got a heart of gold least for zachary and damn that says something for a anyone but especially for a girl like her. She has given up two kids for adoption and it was the right thing to do but when it came to her taking care of my kid......she was bit and kicked and went with out sleep just like I did. I knew I would always love her no matter the hell her and my ex put me through!

Jess said...

So, she does have unrelated attributes :)
Yeah, I figured there was some reason you were friends with her, kinda like me and my ex's new wife, when Wils went to Arkansas with them for the summer she totally Momed up and took care of him like he was her own, more than I can say for his ass wipe father.

Jippy said...

jess, I so love you for saying " ass wipe father" I was holding back, ya know!

Jess said...

Oh, Jennifer, don't hold back girl! hahahaha we all love ya! Anyway, you can always count on me for all you inappropriateness needs, ask anyone.