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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jippy goes out!

I got in my car and I stopped myself from calculating how fast I could get everything done and get back. I left Zach with his usual nanny and one of her girlfriends. They each had their own pizza thanks to the Domino 3 for $5 each special. Then I left them with money for Target. Another good thing that came out of my talk with the nanny is that when she takes zach to Target, she buys water, juice, zach snacks and foods she likes to have around and things like trash bags. She also takes the trash out everyday when she leaves! This just needed to happen.

Zach collects cars so he spends lots of time looking at the toy section. He also likes to read the moive covers. It takes time so I like to send them to Target. Zachary made a power play and wanted 15 toys. I was told he was even fake crying! LOL This is actually excellent behavior for an autistic child. I can tell by the way the young ladies told me the story they enjoyed zachary's efforts at manipulating them and caved in at four race cars. He was really happy with what he got and I think he knew what he could get out of them. My little player.

Back to me, I get on the road I am looking for a good song on the radio and boom out of no where I am in tears. Crying about nothing. Just making room to breathe I guess. I had about twenty minutes to go and then my friend was going to drive the rest of the way. We have a saying in our family. Get your cry out, and I did. I didn't think too much about it and when I got to my friends house I was ready to go.

We saw traffic all around us but we were moving for some strange reason. We were so early we had time to go to California Pizza kitchen and have dinner. I had half a chicken ceasar salad. It was more than enough. We did some window shopping and hit up Starbicks. I still have my gift card from Christmas so it felt like a free coffee.

I was enjoying being able to stand up right and drink my coffe slowly. That's when I realizwed zach's wheel chair was in the back of my car in Burbank.. OMG! What kind of mother takes off whith her son's wheel chair? LOL I figured they would skip Target but they just went very very slow and he has pushes the cart like a walker. TROOPERS!

My friend and I pretended not to know each other during go speak to someone you don't know like you've been waiting for them at the airpor section. . After you get your cry out you are kind of vulnerable. I think my friend has trouble with crowds because she was really stiff and wasn't saying much. So I preetended not to know her and we got through it.

I had a nice night and I do feel like I am better today because of it.


Amy W said...

If I was closer, I would so go out with you!

Hil said...

Hi Jippy,

I found your blog a while back via Mrs. Kennedy at Fussy. I really like your blog and enjoy learning about you and your son and how you navigate your lives. I have a one-year-old and I love to hear about other parents' experiences.

Warm hugs and wishes!

Jippy said...

Amy, We'd have so much fun!

Welcome, any friend of fussy is a friend of mine.
Thank you for the link. I will link you back. A one year old is big messy fun! Right back at ya with the hugs and warm wishes.

Michele_3 said...

I'm glad you got some time away & had fun as well.Everyone needs some time out-Good for you!

My son loves Target! We can never leave there w/ just 1 toy- He can throw some serious tantrums but we have started to say" ok, then it's time to go home w/ nothing" & he will happily agree to getting just 1 toy.(It has been hard work getting there though..)

P.s- I love finding gift cards in my purse-It always feels like a free treat!

cinemagypsy said...

Glad you got to go out and have a girls evening out. Hope your projects are still coming along.

Hil said...


Big messy fun is EXACTLY what it is. We had our first tantrum at hearing "no" this week. It took all I had not to laugh out loud!

Congrats on the lottery win!

Jippy said...

Michele, I know it's so weird to try and explain how hard it is to get our kind of kids to accept just one. It's unreal.
Cinema G- I am using tutorial dvds to learn some basic info. I think it will help me very much. it's fun too.

hil- Never let them catch you laughing : )