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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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What would you do with Triple Million dollars?

Ok that is for Super Lotto but you can go here to check out Mega Millions! Give it to me Yolanda!

My sister told me that if she won.....she would go Angelina Jolie and adopt a bunch of babies, hire some nannies put them in a house filled with puppies. She would stop by when ever she wanted. OMG I never laughed so hard.

I had three numbers and the bonus number. Two numbers off. It's fun just having a couple numbers right.
I think I will try betting on the horses next.

I am quite sure I would not have filled a house with babies and puppies. LOL I would fill a garage with corvettes and mustangs.


Miriam said...

The baby/puppy thing sounds dangerous for the puppies.

Have you seen Office Space? I have to say, that guy's answer- that he'd do absolutely nothing- has its appeal.

Man, you were close! I've never bought one of those things, but now you've got me thinking....

Amy W said...

I often have this conversation "what would I do with the money". But I guess I actually need to play the lottery to win...

Anonymous said...

I have fantasies about this every week for the thirty seconds it takes for the number to be drawn. They all revolve around not having to work anymore. Sigh.

Jippy said...

Miriam You are so funny. I need to watch Office Space again. It's been too long. I was using the secret to be a winner. Who knows but it's fun.

Amy, many of the metaphysical gurus say that money goes where it is treated well. I figure you'll have a great chance because of your work. Am I just tuning in on certain nights but accountants always win on wheel of fortune! LOL

Amra, I have a theory about writers. If you have big dreams of writing they may conflict with winning the lottery.......I know it seems like you could stay home and write. I just think your writing dreams override lotto dreams. Just in case though I am going to see you winning and having enough to write for a year and striking it big with your book. Then you can come to America to sign books and meet my Bosian friends.