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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Mom, "The school called, You've been late to school too many times."

Me, "Graham's buss has been late, I put him on the buss and run to school."

Mom, "Take the car."

Me, "I'll get in trouble if they see me driving. You can't drive when you are ten."

Mom, " Park down the street."

I remembered this crazy conversation with my mother after reading Dudes Where's My Car? And comments over at The Show Must Go On.

Babysitter nightmare

It is a babysitter nightmare, also a lesson to be learned. IF you leave your kids with a babysitter and you have a hot car in the garage, Don't leave the keys laying around!

Give it a click and you'll get a good read


max said...

Oh that is a fabulous conversation. I love that.

Michele_3 said...

Wow! great story & frightning @ the same time- LOL!

cinemagypsy said...

"Park down the street."

Bittersweet laughter on that one. Okay that's fucking funny.

Thanks for linking me.