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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ms. Thea with Zach
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Zachary and Ms. Thea. She started out as a respite worker going to camp with Zachary so he still calls her Ms. Thea. I call her The Nanny.
Most of the time she's the daughter I never had. They laugh together.
She is going back to school to get certified to work with kids like Zach probably as a OT therapist. She is a certified massage therapist. Is Zach a lucky kid or what? So these are my kids.

I am worried about zach. I am waiting to see how many times he goes pee......( fun) I think he needs to be on IV but I can't go in too soon.....we've been on the verge of this for weeks. He's just so low on energy and now he won't eat or drink much.
I am trying to gently force him to drink. .........


Michele_3 said...

That is wonderful you have someone there to give you an extra hand!
great pix!

Prayers & positive thoughts for Zach!
I hope he won't need the IV!
Take care!!

Amy W said...

I hope he doesn't need the IV either. I hope this passes.

Jippy said...

I think he hears me talking about it and he eats and drinks just enough at the last moment. He's really hungry and making me bring food every where we go but he can't eat it. I don't know what this means.