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Saturday, March 24, 2007


I had this flash back of cat food samples that I gave to a neighbor, to give to the stray, that lives by my parking space which is actually closer to her apartment. Ever since this girl moved in she has taken over the feeding of our stray. She wasn't home today so I left her a note and hid in my car for this bad ass cat. I have karma with this cat.

It's a true cat burgler. I fed this lost cat once, because it was lost and hungry and not a real ferral cat. Our stray was so mad that it came into my apartment ( while I was gone) tried to get Zach's Joe fish. A gold fish the size of a slice of bread.

There was a lid on the tank so the cat decided to pee on my fish tank stand. Then the cat jumps up on my table and takes my beta fish. I know this because eventially I found the partcially eaten fish near my front door.

This was one mad cat. Cut to the chase and I mean literally. Today, I chased the stray ( I didn't get too far he knows some tricks) to look for signs of kidney failure. The only sign I have is that he actually came out in the light of day. Why?

I guess I can call the humane society and see if they will check on him. Or is he a goner if I make this call? I would miss our cat burgler. But the numbers ( don't picture a number, picture that many animals in a big gymnasiam) of beloved family pets lost are just heart wrenching.

For the real scoup on this, and for all things smart and fabulous, check out Max, at Celluloid Blonde update ii : emergency pet food recall

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Jippy said...

As Zach likes to say....the wild cat ....he is fine.