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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Zachary is famous.

OK he's not famous but I wrote to the Senator of Mass. told him he could use Zach's story to help fight the electric skin shocking being done by the evil people to the kids like Zach. I got an email back saying thanks and we will keep you updated.

Then I got an email from a nice doctor wanting to use videos of Zachary at her lecture to show that kids like Zach are nice kids dealing with something hard. I said, go ahead and use the videos. Anyone who wants to stop the restraining and harsh behavior mod on these kids is a hero. So when it's all done she'll send me the part of her lecture with Zach in it. I'll share it here. I am kind of excited. If it helps a child or a mother trying to the school to be compassionate towards her child.
Well, it's just nice when you surrvive something and it winds up helping others.

Zachary is a champion. Most doctors told me he would never talk. Now he is trying to boss me around. He is so determind to find a blue race car. He wants to shop everyday. It's not happening but I love him for trying.


Miriam said...

How cooool!

Send a really professional letter to Oprah mentioning that the Senator and the doc are interested in your videos. Give her some of your stuff, and some fun clips of the two of you. She needs to do a show on the challenges of advocating for your child, and on how new technology can be controversial when it seems to show we've been doing less than we could for kids.

Seriously, when you go on oprah, can I get a pic of you with her? Or can I be your tissue-holder? Purse-keeper? Seat-saver?

Jess said...

I second that nomination. Jippy on Oprah! What can I do to speed that up? Email her? I am hopelessly Oprah ignorant :(

Miriam said...

Email her.

There's a form on her site.

I think we should start an internet campaign for Jippy on Oprah!

Jippy said...

You sound like my sisters. LOL